Alcore Betting Company: legit or another scam?-Take Informed Decision.

Alcore Betting Company: legit or another scam?-Take Informed Decision. 1

Welcome to our Alcore Betting Company Review. It is typical to fall into that Alcore Betting Company reviews with less stuff for you to make a precise decision. So, perhaps you are ingesting your part of the work because someone has proposed you with the Alcore Betting Company business opportunity.

Pure Trim

The web domain was registered privately on the 16th of October 2019. Alcore betting website gives no information about the owners or who runs the company. However, on their YouTube channel, we got the info about CEO William Cooper playing as the founder of the company, but there is no proof of it.

The video is pretty short and seems to shot in some rented office, and thus this also indicating that they are not transparent about the owner of the company.

Alcore Betting Company Products:

This company has got no product to product or service to retail, and its affiliate membership earning is only through recruitment, which tends not to last longer.

Alcore Betting Company’s Compensation Plan

Basic Plan – investment $50 to $499 and return 1% to 1.5% a day for 10 days (110% to 115% ROI)

Player Plan– investment $500 to $4999 and return 1.5% to 2% a day for 20 days (130% to 140% ROI)

Master Plan– investment $5000 to $49,999 and return 2% to 2.5% a day for 30 days (160% to 175% ROI)

Professional Plan– investment $50,000 to $1,000,000 and return 2.5% to 3% a day for 40 days (200% to 220% ROI)

Expert Plan– investment $50 to $1,000,000 and return 3% to 4% a day for 180 days (640% to 820% ROI)

Extra Passive Income:

PS: When you reach level 5, you are eligible to receive a bonus of $100,000.

Joining Cost of Alcore Betting Company:

Affiliate membership of Alcore Betting Company requires you a minimum of $50 investment, and when you reach 200%, you need to re-invest.


A search of the SEC’s Edgar database shows that Alcore Betting Company is not registered to offer securities in the United States. MLM’s passive income constitutes a securities offering that requires registration with the financial regulatory authorities.

In the United States, this means to operate as a non-American company under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), it would have to be registered as a “securities offering” within the United States and audited by the SEC.

The marketing of unregistered securities in the United States is also illegal, but Alcore Betting Company is just as illegal in other parts of the world. Safety regulations tend to lag behind those in the US, and this is not only due to a lack of regulatory oversight.

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