Auvoria Prime Review: Scam or Legit?

Auvoria Prime

Auvoria Prime Review: Scam or Legit?

Hello there! In this review we will be looking into everything there is to know about the company called Auvoria Prime. After reading this review, you will be able to make informed decisions about whether or not this company is good for you to invest in or not.

Auvoria Prime

Auvoria- Prime

There are many different MLMs which are existing today, however, knowing the difference whether they are legitimate or fake will go a long way in helping you make informed decisions about this company. Auvoria Prime is the 3rd attempt by the company in selling to unaware customers with a non-profitable trading bot.

The scheme was initially started by SilverStar Live and ended in a $75,000 CFTC settlement for fraud and the co-owners are Hassan Mahmoud & Candace Ross-Mahmoud. This scheme was rebooted as Eaconomy and after its collapse, there has been mass bickering between scammers running the show. This company surfaced shortly after the collapse of Eaconomy, which was done by the Chief network officer, Sal Leto.

A little to know about Sal Leto who was the vice president of operations for Eaconomy and Leto is known for making spearheading attempts in marketing the OneCoin Ponzi scheme in the United States. So let us look further into everything there is to know about the company called Auvoria Prime.


What are the different products offered by Auvoria Prime?

Auvoria Prime is giving access to automated returns and trading signals with the help of following products such as:

  • Ainstein package- Access to an automated passive returns platform for $267 and then $189 a month.
  • Alexander Package – $267 for access to trading signals

Bundled with each package is a “virtual assistant” mobile app and “forex education program”. Additional stand-alone products include:

  • Airis – signals based on forex chart analysis for $39 a month
  • Hailey – “A.I. trend scalping trade software”, marked “coming soon” on Auvoria Prime’s website but listed for $129 in the compensation plan


Auvoria Prime’s Compensation Plan

Auvoria Prime affiliates are forced to maintain an Ainstein and/or Alexander subscription.

Commissions are paid when they sell subscriptions to retail customers and/or recruited affiliates.

Commission Qualification

To qualify for MLM commissions, each Auvoria Prime affiliate must

  • maintain their own Ainstein or Alexander package subscription
  • sell three packages to retail customers and/or recruited affiliates (three active packages must be maintained)

Retail and Recruitment Commissions

Auvoria Prime pays retail and recruitment commissions on the sale of Ainstein and Alexander packages to retail customers and recruited affiliates respectively.

  • sale of an Ainstein or Alexander package = $40 commission
  • sale of Airis doesn’t generate a commission
  • sale of Hailey = $20 commission

Momentum Builder Bonus

The Momentum Builder Bonus rewards Auvoria Prime affiliates for new sales activity each week.

Selling Auvoria Prime products to retail customers or recruited affiliates generates sales volume (PV).

  • Ainstein and Alexander packages generate 140 PV
  • Hailey generates 70 PV
  • whether Airis generates PV towards the Momentum Builder Bonus is not clarified

A minimum of 420 PV from the new customer/affiliate activity for the week is required to qualify for the Momentum Builder Bonus.

Note that the exact sales volume amounts for each Auvoria Prime product is not provided.

At the end of the week, Auvoria Prime tallies up each affiliate’s new activity sales volume.

Based on generated PV, the following shares are allocated:

  • 420 PV = 1 share
  • 840 PV = 2 shares
  • 1120 PV = 3 shares
  • 1260 PV = 4 shares
  • 1400 PV = 5 shares

The shares correspond to a bonus pool, made up of an undisclosed percentage of Auvoria Prime’s sales revenue.


Final Thoughts:

There is a lot of fraud directly related to the past of the management of Auvoria Prime, an MLM company is excluded from the US for a lack of a regular product or service. The past and the future of the companies is shrouded in mystery and is closely related to a scam as well.

It’s really obvious that people are only paying for subscriptions for Eaconomy affiliates and anybody they are able to convince to signup. There is a lack of evidence relating to Auvoria Prime where there is little to no evidence of being registered with financial regulators in the country.

Thus, it may or not maybe the best solution for you to invest in. We hope that you make the best decision moving forward. Thanks for reading! Please do follow us on LinkedIn to know get updated with our latest articles and in below section share your thoughts or comments.

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