Bitles Review: A long-term scam 2020


Bitles Review:

Welcome to my Bitles review. Well, the reason why I am doing this review is my friend, who recently approached me, asking whether he should invest his hard earn money in this business opportunity. I appreciate his effort and time that he found to reach out to me when the entire world is under lockdown.

I have suggested this several times that one of the most basic moves that everyone should do before investing your money in any business opportunity is to learn about the business opportunity wheater it is worth the money or not.

The reason why you landed on my review is going to be either you want to know the truth, or you’ve already invested your money. And now you are afraid of losing it, especially with the pandemic around.

But just before we begin our quest to discover about Bitles opportunity, I would like you to know this is a Ponzi scheme, and if this saves your time by not reading the entire review, please give thumbs up.

Bitles is a passive crypto program from Eastern Europe, most likely Russia. One thing that I noticed was that these guys put quite a lot of effort into the site and the comp plan. This might mean that they are going to try and last a little longer.

If there is any marketer who wants to earn money without thinking about the person who will lose the money, then this might be an excellent opportunity to make a lot of money with Bitles. Just keep in mind that all ponzis’ inevitable collapse.

But the vital question which arises is how long it will last? The one difficult problem is that no one can predict the answer. The ROI which they offer is pretty high, and that is going to put a lot of pressure on affiliates members because they will require a lot of new affiliate members every week so that they can keep paying out.

Surprisingly Bitles looks pretty professional, and they were even successful in impressing me with the information that they embedded into their compensation plan and packages. Doing such a thing indicates that they want to last at least a year, which is kind of a unicorn for most ponzis.

On April 11th, 2019, “” domain for bitles website was privately registered.

You put your crypto in, and Bitles claims to pay you a very high ROI on your investment. You get a return in Bitles token, and then you can exchange it back to bitcoin to withdraw.

Are they into real trading business?

No. This design is a Ponzi: the only way for ROI to coming is via new investors or members.

What are the chances of earning money: 

There is a good possibility for the network marketing experts to make money, not for someone who is dealing for the first time is such a business model.

How much is the risk? 

There is a considerably high risk while investing in such business models; reason as mentioned before, no one is aware of the fact that how long this business will last?

Some of you guys must be aware of the fact, getting good traffic at the early stage is very crucial and risky at the same time. And some might not have an idea of why it’s essential and dangerous. for regular return, there is a fundamental requirement of continuous new investment via new members into the Bitles platform. The reason is apparent that they don’t have any external returns.

They are not doing any sort of trading or market investments. So if on week one, they have 100 investors or members, then they will require at least 150 new investors so that they can pay all the old existing investors. That makes it clear why this business model is an obvious Ponzi scheme, and they use the new investors’ funds to pay the old and existing investors. This money maintaining policy might be helpful for them max to max for a year before collapsing.

The CEO of the company also turned out to be fake as Janis Lacis is a common name in Eastern Europe, the reason is that the real owners or CEO’s they already know that this scheme will fail one day and that’s why they don’t want to share their information.

This money-making opportunity is a sure “NO,” though there is a lot of chances that you might earn more than what you will invest. Along with this comes a chance of you introducing this opportunity with your family members or friends, and after the company shuts down, you might even lose someone who trusted you and invested in this Ponzi scheme.

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