CoinOption Review: Ponzi scheme? How reliable it is?

coinoption review

CoinOption Review:

Are you ready for a brand new online trading platform? That is exactly what CoinOption is bringing to the table, but is it all just hype? The public needs to know. I sure do, especially if it means people are going to be investing their hard-earned money. After taking a glance, it almost feels like the search is finally over. I’m not sure if they meant for me to feel that way, or it’s really just an awesome opportunity.

coinoption review

coinoption review

I like crypto and I definitely love passive income. They combined both in an attempt to bring us something completely innovating, except I’ve seen this over and over again. And if we’re being honest with each other, it usually leads to bad news. Even still, I’m open-minded enough to give CoinOption a chance. You never know, they may actually be different than the rest, or maybe they are just another dime a dozen low-quality business.

One thing for sure is we won’t know until we do the research, so I did just that. My findings weren’t very appealing, but the good part is that I did find something to report back to you guys. We’ll ultimately let you be the judge of what I found on the company CoinOption. Let’s go!

It’s going to take a lot more than words to convince me that CoinOption is the real deal, so I did some searching and came back almost empty-handed which is a red sign. It’s not that I didn’t look hard enough, CoinOption is just stingy on the information. I do applaud them for at least trying to look legit by providing a fake UK Incorporate number.

The funny part is that at a glance you might have taken their word, but the number is actually not included in any database, meaning that they aren’t even incorporated. What other shady business could be going on within CoinOption?

This may explain why the website doesn’t really talk about staffing. Maybe they are avoiding trouble and don’t want to catch any heat when it’s time for CoinOption to face the music.

Regardless of this all just a misunderstanding, It’s hard to take them seriously. If you’re are going to work with any company getting the names of the people you are working with is important. CoinOption not being transparent on who is in charge does bother me a little.

  • Products: CoinOption Review

CoinOption is an MLM, and according to the law, it’s a necessity that they are selling a product or service to be legit. If you have been checking in on the opportunity, at no point do they speaking of any retail products being sold.

It all comes down to earning passive income and joining their referral program. It’s definitely not the most promising setup. Honestly, it’s not even something I’d even put my time into and I’ll explain why in the verdict.

  • Compensation Plan: CoinOption Review

It takes 14 days maximum for your return to be ready for you and only 24 hours at least. It makes sense why people want to join CoinOption. Doubling my money in 2 weeks sounds a plan.

If things work as said, I could put $100,000 in and walk away with $200,000 in no time, but that is exactly what makes me sceptical. There is no work on our part to participate and start earning. It sounds way too good to be true. CoinOption definitely has a ton of explaining to how they are able to backup this income chart.

  • Is CoinOption a Scam? My Verdict

CoinOption sounds like they are onto some next-level income potential, but why are they stopping us dead in our tracks to get our money? Surely they can apply the very same system using their own money and make a fortune that way. It’s something to think about people.

I think CoinOption is a typical Ponzi scheme that is going to collapse eventually once people realize their true nature. Get ready for an exit plan in the future, and dozens of people who lose money.

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