Crowd1 review: Legit Or Scam in a Gaming Industry


Crowd1 review:

We have done out-and-out research about this company, and we are going to share our findings with you here.

In our Crowd1 review, we will deep dive into their websites and going to learn and understand this venture, including its background, the people behind it, and whether it is a scam or legit.

We hope that you will find this Crowd1 review helpful, and help you make informed decisions about where to invest your money.


What is Crowd1?

Crowd1 (or Crowd1 Network Ltd.) is among the “mobile networking association.” It claims to offers members the ability to create and maintain an online network business by employing different digital marketing platforms. Its so-called associates are gaming/gambling sites AffilGo and Miggster.


But how genuine this opportunity is for you, or is it just a hyped-up opportunity? Read our Crowd1 review to discover more about this opportunity.

if we go as per what is mention on its website, Crowd1 (or Crowd1 Network Ltd) is a “mobile networking community.”

Sounds fantastic, right? However, the truth is hidden in the fine print.

Crowd1 wants to be a platform that will redirect you to partner online gaming/gambling sites, namely AffilGo and Miggster.

The pre-launch of the Crowd1 began in January 2019, and the business plan got officially launched in August 2019. Those people who have signed up during the pre-launch stage are called pioneers. These pioneers, as per their website, will receive the benefits of the company’s success. They will also get a slice of the company’s future income.

But, how much genuine this claim is no one knows yet. So it’s still selling dreams.

Crowd1 headquarter is in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and its company registration number is ICC20160342.

Crowd1 is an online MLM chance that offers shares that you can buy and earn extra income from building a network of investing members shares as well.

This program offers what I can see as educational training guides on various topics, from real estate to cryptocurrency trading.

Still, there is an aspect that is not see-through that might be contributing to a new revenue source.

The niche that we would tell is that Crowd1 is Online and team building money-making opportunity.

Honestly, it was hard for us to discover a direct answer to What Crowd1 opportunity is all about.

Although the company’s official website attempts to describe it, we were unable to come up with a good definition that can describe this company.

In this section of our Crowd1 review, we’ll be studying the products that the company offers ere we investigate its compensation plan.

So, first, they have got no product to retail, this makes the situation doggy as MLM schemes with no products tens to leave the market early, and people suffer losses due to this.

The only thing this scheme offers what we can call educational training guides.


Compensation plan:

Let us look at its breakdown of every level that you can join with the amount of shares that it got to offers:

  • White Level – This level will need an investment of 99 Euros. You will receive in return 100 Euros worth of owner rights shares
  • Black Level – This level will need an investment of 299 Euros. You will receive in return 300 euro value of owner rights shares
  • Gold Level – This level will need an investment of 799 Euros. You will earn a return of 1000 Euros value of owner rights shares
  • Titanium Level – This level will need an investment of 2499 Euros. You will receive a return of 3500 Euros value of owner rights shares


The Conclusion:

In my final section of Crowd1 review, we are going to share our final decisions about the Crowd1 opportunity as a whole.

Some people argue that the business which was 100% transparent also went out of business, right, but they aren’t even clear, so how can we trust this business model. We can never trust it.

Well, we personally would never join it just because of the concerns we have with the business model, but you now have got all of the required information to make a versed decision to participate or not. It is up to you now.

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    You are 100’/. right, I am a crowd1 member and achieve coordinator star*.
    Kindly see my tweets, help us and expose the real truth of Crowd1.

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