Daily Digital Club Review: 2020 gifting scam

Daily digital club

Daily Digital Club Review:

Hello everyone, and Welcome to my Daily Digital Club review. Lately, Daily Digital Club started obtaining a lot of exposure over social media, and here I am to find out! Is this opportunity legit or another Ponzi scam? Well, such schemes are also known as a cash gifting scheme. 

Daily digital club

What Is Cash Gifting Scheme?

Typically, specific gifting “gatherings,” “associations,” or “clubs” urge individuals to pay a plentiful measure of cash for the sake of “passage charge.”

This sum ensures the individuals a position on a map at a certain level. The individuals possibly get advanced on the level in a map when they enroll somebody into the “gathering” or “club.”

Once the member leaves up on the table, they are “promised” a massive return.

Daily Digital Club offers 100% return when you introduce one new member to the courses and purchases one. Each part should meet the necessary objective at each level to acquire a commission, which implies your bonus will be gone with the breeze.


What Is Daily Digital Club (DDC)?

DDC offers a couple of educational programs varying at a cost from $25 to $100 every month. Most of the price takes care of the compensation plan, with the rest covering a little administrator charge.

You won’t hear much about the courses or substance, except for from members attempting to sell it to you. It’s everything about purchasing your rights to resell and make 100% commissions. The courses are quite nonexclusive showcasing content that is accessible on youtube for nothing.


Would you be able to Make Money With This?

Indeed, however, you should have some members to enroll. There is no passive or repeating pay unless you introduce some members exchange now, they will keep on paying the monthly fee.

Many members will drop off when they begin to fight to find recruits every month. The tremendous decline rate indicates one requires to have regular signups. Most utmost members quit within three months.


Compensation Plan:

Any member only gets qualified at all levels when they do the purchasing of the top subscription that is $100 \every month. You will only get a commission when you sell any course subscription that you have purchased and as below.

  • $25 invest– $25 return per month
  • $100 invest– $100 commission per month


Owner Of This Opportunity:

Daily Digital Club doesn’t declare who is the owner of the company on their website, which is a major red flag. Non-transparency usually happens when a person requires to hide their individuality because they know they are scamming.

Some smart internet detectives were able to find out that Peter Wolfing runs this company. And now, it is clear why Wolfing didn’t use his name on the Daily Digital Club’s website. Because then no one will invest in this scam.

Yes! I said a scam because Peter Wolfing has a strong history of scams listed below:

  • Turbo Cycler
  • Ultimate Cycler
  • Business Toolbox
  • Infinity 100
  • National Wealth Center
  • Pay Me Forward
  • Ueconomy
  • Hand Of Heaven
  • Direct Mail Pro

None of these schemes worked, it seemed that they had designed all these schemes to fail.


Daily Digital Club: My Opinion

  • Pyramid Scheme: They no product or service offered. Just another ordinary recruit and earn opportunity along with the target. Such schemes are the most classic form of a pyramid scheme, and for sure such schemes fail sooner rather than later.
  • Dark History Of Owner: Wolfing has not used his name on this website – the reason is he’s launched many scams before that are indistinguishable to this one.



The conclusion is pretty simple, and we know the dark history of the owner; this is what he does. He starts cash gifting schemes and Ponzi schemes to make quick money then hasta-la-vista.

These companies never last long, and some don’t last more than a couple of months. The only person who makes money from these schemes is Wolfing and the people who get in very early and recruit lots of people.

By the time most people enter, though, it’s too late to make any money. There’s a reason pyramid schemes are illegal in basically all countries in the world. They’re unstable and guaranteed to fail.

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