Decoded: Shaklee Review- Legitimate Or Scam

Shaklee Review

Do you wish to go through the most honest or unbiased Shaklee Review? Here are the actual facts that we were able to find on this particular business through various resources.

Shaklee is not a single product but an accumulation of products, it is an MLM business producing supplements said to help with a wide range of health issues – from weight loss to aging. The organization claims that over 100 patents and patents-pending support its products, and over almost 120 published scientific papers. Though, the organization is also connected to a series of lawsuits, which we consider to be an immediate red flag alert.

Our team of researchers also aspired to know more and turned their focus towards the available clinical research, ingredient lists, and potential side effects. We then reviewed the lawsuits against the business, and any available comments or user reviews. Read on to discover everything we found about Shaklee.

Shaklee products can be acquired through their Official website.

What is Shaklee?

In this section of Shaklee review, we will discuss what it is all about. Let’s begin!

Shaklee LgoShaklee is a U.S based company that sells a plethora of chemical-free health products of health products, including anti-aging products and weight loss shakes. The organization practices an MLM marketing system to sell its products.

What is MLM?

MLM, also called multi-level marketing, is a kind of network marketing plan that enables distributors to earn commissions on the sales of their recruits. Distributors also make commissions depending on the basis of direct product sales.

How Did Shaklee Start?

In this section of the Shaklee review, we’re going to discuss about its background in a nutshell.

Dr. Shaklee, founder and CEO of the company was a chiropractor and was retired from practice in 1945. By this time, he started writing a series of articles on our mind’s impact on health and wellness. Everything Dr. Shaklee achieved was driven by two guiding principles: a belief in the natural ability to heal and “thoughtsmanship.”

He founded the Shaklee foundation and wanted to do something that would influence people’s growing interest in nutrition. This drove him to launch a business that distributed food supplements. With the increasing sales of their supplements, the organization decided to focus on the knowledge of people in nutrition.

Shaklee’s Products

Though it started as a multivitamin business, today, Shaklee markets products in nutrition, personal care, home cleaning, and weight loss categories.

There are numerous Shaklee products to go through individually, so we’ll concentrate on two of their “challenge packs.”

The Immunity Challenge Pack retails for a price of 246.95 USD (on sale for 159 USD for first-time buyers). It bundles

  • one Vitalizer (nutritional supplement range available in men’s, women’s and gold)
  • one Nutriferon (immune system supplement) and
  • two Life Shakes (meal replacement shake)
  • free shipping and preferred customer membership (19.95 USD)

The Prove It Challenge retails at a price of 248.15 USD (also on sale for 159 USD) and bundles

  • one Vitalizer
  • a 7-day Healthy Cleanse (day and night dietary supplement)
  • free shipping and preferred consumer membership 19.95 USD) and
  • two Life Shakes

These packs seem to be entry points into its product range for retail consumers and recruited affiliates.

Regarding the manufacturing of their products, the business claims to screen for more than 350 contaminants, pesticides, and impurities on every botanical ingredient and conduct over 100,000 quality tests per year.

The organization also claims that more than 120 published scientific papers back its products. No particular instances are provided. Though they do run a Health Resource website, studies indicated they appear to pertain to ingredients utilized in the products, as opposed to the products themselves.

Shaklee Cost

In this section of the Shaklee review, we’ll discuss about the cost you must pay to own its products. The prices might vary, depending on where you buy from and which supplement or plan you prefer to buy. The costs might also differ from one place to another.

Here are a few of the best-selling products:

  • Performance Energy Chews:25 USD
  • Life Shake Plant Protein:85 USD
  • Vitalizer Gold: 103 USD
  • Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit:15 USD

Though this list is much shorter, still it is able to put a light on the product’s cost, that is in line with the competition.

Scroll below to the next section for the most exciting part of this Shaklee Review. The compensation structure of this opportunity is mentioned below.

Shaklee Compensation Plan

Distributors usually make anywhere from 16% to 36% on their product sales. The downline commission rate is between 12 to 20%, much higher than many other MLM marketing plans. It also offers several bonuses, including a 100 USD bonus on selling a specific type of package paid out weekly. Additional bonuses are available depending on a point system the organization employs to rank its distributors. The firm also offers various incentives, such as car bonuses and luxurious vacations.

The Bottom Line on Shaklee

In this final section of Shaklee review, we’ll let you know what we feel about Shaklee.

So, what are our final on this? As a proposed affiliate, your main concern must be to figure out how your up line runs their MLM business. The company demands that affiliates purchase 100 PV per month or more of the products, so your first step must be to confirm this.

What you’re then seeking for is an even match in verifiable retail sales. Don’t take uncertain reassurances for an answer; you must see genuine product orders by retail consumers and non-affiliates.

Unfortunately, if those don’t exist, then that affiliate runs their business as a pyramid scheme. And to be honest with you, this wouldn’t be surprising.

We like the longevity of the business and their usage of some natural ingredients. Also, we like that the company invests in its distributors and anyone desiring to improve health and well-being. There’s also the advantage of research backing the claims of the ingredients.

Exercise, better food choices, and weight management are all essential aspects of a healthy lifestyle. However, it can be challenging to make these lifestyle preferences, mainly when there are so many diet plans, health ebooks, and weight loss calculators available in the market. Luckily, a clinically-proven program exists that can meet with your individual requirements.


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