E-volve Review 2020: Legit or a Ponzi Reboot?

e-volve review

E-volve Review 2020:

Hi there! In this article, we will be looking into E-volve, one of the companies that have been creating a lot of hype around its brand.  This is a complete in-depth review of understanding everything there is to know about this company. After reading this article you will have the utmost clarity and understanding for this company and will provide you with options on investing in this company.

e-volve review

e-volve review

On the E-volve website, there is no information on the website about who owns and runs the company. The domain for this business’s website was registered privately on November 27th, 2019. E-volve has marketed itself to appear online especially from former DD corporation affiliates.

This is already shady behavior but before all that, let us go back to the beginning. A company called DD corporation began as Dreams Digger which was a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme that was launched mid last year. However, by November 2019 DD corp had completely stopped paying out to all its members.

The company extended the acknowledgment of its collapse in January. Instead of announcing the liquidation of the company, they completely ran out of investor funds and blamed the downfall of the company on the programmers.

Since then, the promotion of E-volve had begun and the marketing team of this company presented Simoni Volpi as the founder of the company. The entire history of this company is shrouded in mystery due to language barriers however, there have been links to mining operations in Africa.

It is incredibly suspicious that the founder of this company, Simon Volpe does not have any digital footprints outside of E-volve marketing. This is a serious red flag especially for MLM companies, which are not upfront about who runs or owns the company.


What are E-volve’s products and the compensation plan?

Unsurprisingly, there are no retailable products or services as affiliates will be able to market and promote the membership itself. E-volve’s affiliates must invest €50 EUR to even join the company on the promise of more weekly returns.


What are the various affiliate ranks offered by E-volve?

The five affiliate ranks that are present within E-volve’s compensation plan are:

  • Associate: This affiliate rank generates 1000 points which gets accumulated with a weaker binary team side volume.
  • Executive 5K: This rank helps to generate 5000 points that are accumulated from a weaker binary team side volume.
  • Executive 30K: This rank is awarded to those who generate and accumulate 30,000 points with a weaker binary team side volume.
  • Executive 100K: The rank that generates 100,000 points which are accumulated from a weaker binary team side volume.
  • Millionaire: The final rank involves generating 100,000,000 points that are accumulated from the weaker binary team volume.


How does the commissions’ system work?

E-volve has a binary compensation structure through which it pays out residual commissions to all its members. Affiliates are paid out a 100% commission on the volume generated from their weaker binary team side. The E-volve affiliate must personally recruit two investing affiliates and the commissions are based on the rank.

The different commissions which are based on rank are:

  • Associates are able to earn up to €500 EUR
  • The 5K executives can earn up to a cap of €1000 EUR
  • 30K executives are able to earn €3000 EUR
  • The executive 100Ks caps are not provided
  • Millionaires are able to earn €5000 EUR



E-volve claims itself to be a company that generates external revenue with the help of cryptocurrency arbitrage and trading. However, there is no proof that any external revenue is used for returns. The company E-volve is not registered to offer any securities which solicit any form of investment, and it is definitely not a coincidence.

All of the top investors simultaneously decided to jump ship just before the former company collapse. This raises some serious flags especially for a company, which claims that all the information is public knowledge.

As MLM’s are quick to appear and disappear, you will never know the true specifics of this company. It is incredibly apparent that E-volve is a Ponzi scheme and it should be the red flag. In conclusion, this company is sure to collapse and if you value your money you should stay away from a Ponzi scheme like this.

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