Everything you must know about Mr. Ash Mufareh?

Mr. Ash Mufareh

Thing to about Mr. Ash Mufareh & his business idea ONPASSIVE

While online businesses are confronting difficulties in competing with prominent professionals, Mr. Ash Mufareh guarantees that everyone will get equal opportunity and AI-developed tools to remain in the race of the competition.


Who is Mr. Ash Mufareh?

Ash Mufareh is a business person and also a man with a vision to help everyone with the tools of success. About his education qualification background, he is an MIT, Master Affiliate, CEO, and Founder of GDI Fusion. GoFounders/ONPASSIVE is the product of Ash mindfulness since he visualizes to present people with a better life.


What does Mr. Ash Mufareh do?

Mr. Ash Mufareh

Mr. Ash Mufareh

Mr. Ash Mufareh is the founder of ONPASSIVE and GoFounders. ONPASSIVE is an Information Technology company based in Bangalore, India, that offers in-house developed tools and applications designed to reconstruct an offline or online business into a successful business.

Ash launched ONPASSIVE to embrace all online activities of a business and present a robust end-to-end solution with the help of advanced cutting-edge automated tools embedded with Artificial Intelligence and business intelligence.

The company offers its founders with a set of business automation tools that help a business to synchronize different domains or departments for enhanced productivity and higher performance.


What are the thoughts of Mr. Ash Mufareh?

Mr. Ash Mufareh, who is a pathfinder in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence, understood the requirement of the automated tools for the business owners who are looking to grow their business and become a success story of their domain.

This is the time when Ash came up with the idea of ONPASSIVE, which can provide tools that are AI-technology driven and has the capability to automate the business process and later synchronize each process for a creamlike operation with never seen before productivity.

Ash mufareh, ash mufareh gofounder, ash mufareh OnpassiveIn the word of Mr Ash Mufareh, “Honestly, I am completely assured that Artificial Intelligence is going to take over this world in the recent future. Most of the industries ranging from production to customer support have already started using AI. It has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Artificial Intelligence started with hope when people like us believed that it was impossible. Today, most of the industries in this world use AI to automate tasks reduce costs and time. This has made it easier for human employees to do their work more efficiently. Artificial Intelligence helps businesses maximize their profits, increasing efficiency and accuracy. So, Artificial Intelligence is absolutely possible! This is the future!”

When did Ash Mufareh introduce ONPASSIVE?

Mr. Ash Mufareh predicted the market demand and launched ONPASSIVE in July 2018. ONPASSIVE headquarter is in Florida, USA. However, the development and designing of the tools happen in Bangalore, India. The Bangalore office additionally takes care of the Founders queries with the help of a 24/7 Founders support team assigned and committed to registered and involved founders.

what-is-onpassiveApart from ONPASSIVE, Ash also launched GoFounders another platform which is a dedicated platform for the online invitation, registration, and team-building activities. Founders who register themselves on the GoFounders platform are provided with access to modern-day advanced technology tools offered by the ONPASSIVE platform to automate the day-to-day business process for free.


The untold truth about Mr. Ash Mufareh’s business?

It has been a buzz among the people online, and several among them have been calling GoFounders to be the pyramid scheme business or a Ponzi scheme business. However, when looked carefully, this got clear that GoFounders is a product based company that provides its founders with AI-enabled business intelligence tools.

ONPASSIVE Review, ONPASSIVE Reviews,ONPASSIVE does not include any Ponzi scheme to gain solely by recruiting new Founders, but over here, members or Founders do not have any product or service to sell or promote.

The only motive behind adding more members as a Founder is to enable new members to live a carefree life; It’s a platform that rewards you for staying active on its platform and for utilizing the automation tools designed for your marketing business.


Is Ash Mufareh’s business model reliable?

Definitely, it is a reliable business model. GoFounders has made its presence felt in 100 countries and doesn’t include any Ponzi scheme or pyramidal structure.

GoFounders is a platform that helps people register them with ONPASSIVE as a Founder. This company is a product-based organization that deals with a platform with built-in AI-enabled business intelligence application developed to automate any business process that streamlines business activities.

GoFounders, GoFounders Reviews, Go Founders, Go Founders Reviews, GoFounders Review, Go Founders Review

This is not the end, the one most prominent feature of the company that makes sure that Ash Mufareh’s business model is a reliable one is that whenever any Founder thinks that this model is not generating the promised benefits or the AI-based tools are not performing the way they should, then the GoFounders founder members are eligible for 100% refund.

Yes, you read it correctly! GoFounders comes with a lifetime money back guarantee. Now the ball is in your court to decide on how could a product based company that offers you a lifetime money back guarantee is among the scam or a doggy scheme.

Without a doubt, ONPASSIVE is the future of any online or offline business that endures presenting tools needed for a successful business with a similar discipline and enthusiasm.

Ash Mufareh is the sailor of the dream ship, which is sailing towards the future hand in hand with the cutting-edge technology AI.

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