FCB Trades Review: ROI Ponzi scheme

FCB Trades Review 2020

FCB Trades Review:

What is a Ponzi scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is a type of investment scam that pays existing investors with the funds collected from the new investors. Ponzi scheme often promises high ROI and proper utilization of your money at very low or no risk.

FCB Trades:

FCB Trades is a company based out of Norway and operates in the Forex Trading in MLM format. Their official address is believed to be in Norway as per the company’s website.

As per the company’s website, they also provide an incorporation certificate for the UK and trademark registration for the Netherlands.

FCB Trades Review 2020

FCB Trades Review 2020

The registration in the Netherlands is for Instituto Cervantes and dates back to 2011. It is a trademark and not for FCB Trades and that explains why this is meaningless.

The incorporation in the UK is for Instituto Cervantes Limited and was incorporated back in 1997.FCB Trades claims that they are a subsidiary of Cervantes Benelux.

Usually, UK Company’s records are infamously referred to as fraud, so this incorporation certificate is absolutely meaningless.

On finding out the official registration date of the company’s website domain name (fcbtrades.nl), it seemed to be a further meaningless certificate of incorporation. The website domain name is registered on 19th December 2019.

These invalid incorporation certificates and mismatch in the given dates of incorporation and website domain name registration along with incorrect names of the CEOs and the doubtful existence of the four CEOs create further doubts about the authenticity of this company.

Note: – If an MLM company is not upfront about the ownership of the company, please think long and hard before investing your hard-earned money.


Products: FCB Trades Review

There are no products or services that are available for sale. The affiliates are only allowed to sell or market is the membership itself.


Compensation Plan: FCB Trades Review

FCB Trades affiliates invest $50 to $10,000 with a promised ROI of 1.5% as advertised by the FCB Trades Company. Daily payout is made for 220 days at a 330% capping rate.


Referral Commissions:: FCB Trades Review

FCB Trades pays out a 7% commission to its affiliates on the total investment made by the personally recruited affiliates.


Residual Commissions

FCB Trades follow a binary structure of paying residual commissions to its affiliates.

A binary structure follows a certain pre-designed format of distributing the commissions to its affiliates.

A Binary structure positions an affiliate at the top of the binary team divided into two groups.

The first level of Binary structure has two positions. These two positions are further divided into two more positions (4 positions).

Levels are further generated as per the requirement, with each new level having double the positions than the previous level.

The positions are filled by direct recruitment of the affiliates or indirect recruitment of them. There are no limits to the number of recruitment.

At the end of each day, the investments are calculated on the basis of two sides of the binary structure.

The affiliates are paid 7% of the investment in their smaller binary team structure. The leftover amount is carried forward after the payment has been completed.


Matrix Commissions: FCB Trades Review

FCB Trades’ compensation document mentions a 2×2 matrix. Entry into the matrix is funded via a 24% bonus return.

The FCB Trades’ compensation suggests positions in the cycler cost $100 (or $100 credited), with $300 paid out upon filling all six positions.

Note:- No eligibility criteria are mentioned by FCB Trading for the Professional and



The joining procedure of FCB Trades is free as of now.

But earning the promised income depends on the investment made. There is a minimum of $50 investment for earning the promised income.

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