Forever Living Review: An Aloe based Product Company making its mark in MLM Marketing

Forever Living Review

Forever Living Review:

Founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan, Forever Living products have made an evident presence in the market today. It all started with a dream to offer the best-in-industry consumable products which are proven to promote lasting wellness and health. And the idea was to let the consumer of the product speak for the product after using them. And it indeed worked; today Forever Living is among the top Multi-level Marketing companies and has a network of 9.5 million distributors spread across 100 countries.

Forever Living products range

Forever Living Review

Forever Living Review

Making Aloe their key ingredient, Forever Living has been true to its brand and products even after 3 decades. As per a report published in Forbes in August 1995, nearly all the Forever living products contain some extract of aloe. Among their whole product range following are the most loved products:

  • Forever Living Aloe Body Toning Kit
  • Forever Living Forever Aloe Lips with Jojoba
  • Forever Living Aloe Sunless Tanning Lotion
  • Forever Living Avocado Face and Body Soap
  • Forever Living Forever Marine Mask
  • Forever Living 25th Edition Perfume Spray For Women
  • Forever Living Forever Bright Toothgel
  • Forever Living Aloe Fleur De Jouvence Mask Powder
  • Forever Living Aloe First
  • Forever Living 25th Edition Cologne Spray For Men
  • Forever Living Forever Alpha-e Factor

What makes Forever Living unique? 

With Aloe based products Forever Living has gained popularity among the masses solely based on the quality of the product. A large number of Forever Living consumers have shared their positive feedback on the products and, how Forever Living products have aided in reducing their health-related issues. Forever living got a lot of appreciation for the products such as Forever Living Aloe Body Toning Kit which has shown some evident results in toning the body and delivering what the product promised to deliver.

Forever Living Review

Started 30 years ago, Forever Living is a classic example of Multi-level marketing success. Initially, what started as a business plan shared by the current owner with his family members & friends has now spread across 150 countries with over 9.5 million distributors.

Instead of investing in advertising, the company relied on word of mouth publicity which later took a form of Multi-level marketing. And, similar to all other

And what sets the company aside from other MLM companies are the profit margins they share with their distributors. One can make up to 43% per sale with forever living products. And the company does not charge any joining fee or membership fee, you only pay for the products you want to start selling and you are set. Also, every time you introduce someone new to the company as a distributor, you are compensated with the commission.

Is Forever Living a legitimate company? 

For almost every MLM company, it is speculated that it is a scam. But, Forever Living has been around for the past 3 decades and has grown based on their products’ performance in the market and legitimate Multi-level marketing practices. It is a recognized company providing earn from home options to more than 9.5 million distributors worldwide. With its unique compensation plan and high quality of products, Forever Living is a brand which has made his mark worldwide today.

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