Infinite Increasing Income Review: The Pandemic MLM Company

Infinite Increasing Income

Infinite Increasing Income Review:

Are you looking for a detailed review of Infinite Increasing Income? If so, then you have reached the right place as this is the updated review on the internet. 


What you want to find out is whether you can make some return on your investment with Infinite Increasing Income, or is it just another MLM plan scam.


Infinite Increasing Income


This company is the latest MLM Company to rise and is practicing the current pandemic situation to market. Infinite Increasing Income applies the MLM business model that offers you the capability to make money from home by recruiting more members through your affiliate link and building your down-line members.


Infinite Increasing Income describes that Ultimate Luxury Alliance operates it. You can find contact details and information like email address and a phone number mentioned on the website with the name of Greg Simmons from Albany, Oregon. Still, there are no proper details or any other information about Greg Simmons over the internet.


Infinite Increasing Income doesn’t call themselves an MLM company; instead, they prefer to call themselves a PMA (Private Membership Association). 


However, there is more extra to this MLM/PMA than attract people’s attention, particularly around their product that is Colloidal Silver labelled as “MEDIC in a Bottle” only their affiliate’s members have access to this product. 


“The most surprising part of this ‘Medic In A Bottle’ is that it claims to prevent Coronavirus.” FTC & FDA haven’t noticed this; otherwise, this company might not have been still running with such claims.


Infinite Increasing Income’s website domain got privately registered in June 2019. This company, as mentioned above, uses the multi-level marketing model, and they have a compensation plan, which I will explain below, it is a cash gifting scheme in layman language if we put it across.





Infinite Increasing Income does not have any product or services to retail, so affiliates will only be able to market this scheme by selling dreams. There is a Colloidal Silver solution marketed, and they claim it works as a Coronavirus preventative. What? Believe it or not, its upon you as there is no documented evidence that it has any effect on the prevention or treatment of Coronavirus. 


They claim, “Coronavirus is no match for ‘Medic in a Bottle,’ and only by consuming one teaspoon, every day will save you from getting affected by Coronavirus.



Compensation Plan


 Infinite Increasing Incomes affiliate membership sign up cost a monthly fee, so then the cash is gifted to someone who joined in for the rising income before them. In simple words, one’s up-line who recruited them will get the gift (Gifting Scheme, as mentioned above).


The gifting payments amongst affiliate’s members are made by one up model. Till April 15th, there is a special discount on a one-time fee, and anyone can avail it at $150 plus shipping charges of $10; after this, there is a monthly subscription fee of $50.

After April 15th, the one-time fee will go back to the old price of $260 and $50 as a recurring monthly fee.


A 1-up model works within a uni-level compensation formation by asking each recruited member to pay commissions bound to their first recruit. Each affiliate pays $50 a month, which is gifted to the member who joined earlier. The $50 gifting payment generated by their first recruit gets credited to the account of the affiliate who recruited them. $50 monthly gifting payments do not get shared with the second affiliate recruited.



Conclusion: Infinite Increasing Income Review 2020


Since no research and evidence can prove colloidal silver will in real even help prevent Coronavirus. So using such claims to market any company put’s its reputation at stake. 


There is no transparency about the owner of the organization also pushes the company towards a negative shade.


Operating a Gifting scheme with promises of regular money flow is wrong, but fold that up, marketing the company using a product that claims prevention to Coronavirus, makes it very clear that they are a bogus company. 


We would not recommend this company to anyone as the only thing they are going to get in return is a loss. They don’t have any product to retail and selling dreams of the people, companies like such tend to leave the market very soon as they can’t survive for a long time with fake claims.

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