Is AMZCoin a Genuine Business or A Fraudulent Ponzi scheme?


In this AMZCoin review, we will be taking an in-depth look into understanding the company, AMZ coin. The company helps to provide little to no information about the website, who owns or runs the company. The website domain “” was initially registered in October 2019. The registration for the company was done privately, except for the public disclosure to its addresses in Portugal.

Is AMZCoin a Genuine Business or A Fraudulent Ponzi scheme? 1Visionaria was the parent company of AMZCoin that was founded and run by CEO, Andre Cunha. From his personal Facebook profile, we got to know that Cunha is based out of Portugal. It completely fits in line with AMZCoin’s website domain registration. Even though it is operating from Europe, AMZCoin is still heavily promoted all across Indonesia. Alexa has cited Indonesia as a significant source of all traffic primarily to AMZCoin’s website.

It is primarily due to the massive language barriers that exist to get a cohesive report into understanding Cunha’s entire history.

What are AMZCoin’s Products?

AMZCoin has no products or services that are of retailable nature. It works only with affiliates only able to market AMZCoin affiliate membership itself.

How does AMZCoin’s Compensation Plan correctly work?

AMZCoin members who invest in over 10,000 AMZ can park their coins with the company in exchange for advertised returns:

  • investing for three months and receive a 0.5% ROI per month
  • investing for six months and receive a 1% monthly ROI
  • funding for 12 months and receive a 2% monthly ROI
  • financing for 18 months and receive a 3% monthly ROI
  •  funding for 24 months and receive a 4% monthly ROI

Returns are usually paid out in AMZCoin.

All the referral commissions are paid out on funds invested in AMZ down three levels of recruitment (unilevel):

● Level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 10%
● Levels 2 and 3 – 5%

AMZCoin’s website states that referral commissions

Is Investing in AMZCoin worth it?

AMZCoin has presented itself as yet another pointless MLM coin without any particular use. Why would you ever even consider using AMZCoin over any other payment method? AMZ is entirely built on EOSIO, which is different from the usual ERC-20 MLM. Some of the primary concerns that arise are mainly on the regulatory front, as AMZCoin functions completely like a Ponzi scheme.

AMZCoin utilizes recycled to pay out withdrawal requests, to define AMZCoin as a Ponzi scheme successfully. A huge concern is that the business may be committing serious securities fraud. The formula is quite simple. You invest in AMZCoin, and it ultimately sets out a value of AMZ, that you can cash out with the help of internal exchange.

Final Thoughts:
Thus, AMZCoin has admitted publicly about their MLM opportunity being nothing but a passive income scheme. It requires AMZCoin people to successfully register all of their securities without offering their sheets to financial regulators.
Investing in this company is a considerable risk. We would suggest you not put in your hard-earned money into a company like this. We hope you found this AMZCoin review helpful.
Good luck with your future investments!

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