Know the Pros and Cons of the Company: Intense Live Review

Know the Pros and Cons of the Company: Intense Live Review 1

Welcome to the third-party, unbiased review of a business opportunity, known as Intense Live. This Intense Live Review also focuses on everything you need to know about this scheme. There has been some noise around this business, and we decided to look at what they are all about. Odds are someone who may have already approached you about this business opportunity, and you are reading this article here to ensure it’s legit. There is good news that we’re going to walk you through the organization, their products, and the compensation plan for you to make an educated decision.

Website & Company Information

Intense Live ReviewThe organization’s web domain was privately listed on the 19th of July 2018 and was updated lately on 17-02-2020. The website does not give away any information about who runs or owns the business. As per a website, the organization is based out of Sao Paolo, Brazil. Though, Intense Live‘s official marketing elements say the “administrative headquarters” is in Orlando, Florida.

But all these addresses belong to a virtual office address provider, Regus. This indicates that the business is working as a shell company in these locations. Further study shows the company’s official marketing videos mentioning Max Bispo as the business’s CEO. Apart from the information that I have already shared, we couldn’t find anything relevant that we could include here. As always, if the organization is not honest about its corporate structure, you need to think twice before handing over your money to unknown people over the internet.

Intense Live’s Products

Intense Live affiliate membership apparently presents access to a “rent a car” program in an effort to look authentic. Apart from this, as always, you are expected to market the business’s affiliate membership program and draw new users into the system.

Intense Live’s Compensation Plan

The affiliates of the Intense Live are supposed to invest funds on the commitment of a marketed monthly return:

Master — invest 300 USD and receive 60 USD a month for the next 12 months, which sums up to 720 USD.

Conservative — Invests 600 USD and receives 120 USD a month for the next 12 months, which sums up to 1440 USD.

Moderate — invest $1800 and get $360 a month for the next 12 months, which sums up to 4320 USD.

Aggressive — Invest $3000 and get $800 a month for the next 12 months, which sums up to 9600 USD.

Recruitment Commissions

Affiliates get remunerated with Recruitment Commissions when they draw new users into the system. These remunerations depend on how much the recruited affiliates spend on membership:

  • recruit a Basic tier affiliate and earn 15 USD
  • recruit a Master tier affiliate and earn 30 USD
  • recruit a Conservative affiliate and earn 60 USD
  • recruit a Moderate tier affiliate and earn 180 USD
  • recruit an Aggressive tier affiliate and earn 300 USD

Residual Recruitment Commissions

The organization also rewards residual commissions through a binary compensation matrix. Sales volume is pursued in BV, and produced through direct and indirect recruitment of latest Intense Live affiliates:

  • recruitment of a Basic tier affiliate produces 50 BV
  • recruitment of a Master tier affiliate produces 100 BV
  • recruitment of a Conservative tier affiliate produces 200 BV
  • recruitment of a Moderate tier affiliate produces 600 BV
  • recruitment of an Aggressive tier affiliate produces 1000 BV

All these payments are paid out as 10% of produced BV on the lower binary team side, and once BV is paid out on, it is compared against the more robust binary team side and washed. The business also compensates its users with profitable commission models like Matching Bonus, Residual Commissions, and Rank Achievement Bonus.

Joining Intense Live

Enrolling with Intense Live‘s affiliate membership is not free; it expects an initial investment of 150 USD and goes as high as 3000 USD.

Note: All Intense Live affiliates must also spend an ongoing 15 USD monthly fee.


The organization claims to be creating income via ridesharing. This is absolutely not transparent because if they have a fleet of cars running and able to generate annual returns of approximately 300%, what do they require your money for? And this fails the Ponzi Logic Test

The organization also provides passive income opportunities without getting listed with the region’s economic regulator, the Brazilian SEC (CMV). As it stands, the only valid resource of revenue beginning with Intense Live is a new investment. And utilizing new funds to pay to the existing affiliates makes it a Ponzi scheme.

The primary objective of this Intense Live Review is to show you what is what and the rest is on you to decide what is best for you. At the end of the day, it is your hard-earned money, and you will be the best person to determine where you are going to spend this money.

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