Lifocity Review: Genuine MLM or a Scam?

Lifocity Review

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In this article, we will be looking into understanding everything there is to know about the company, called Lifocity. Lifocity Review: Genuine MLM or a Scam? 1This article is an in-depth Lifocity review, where we will be looking into understanding whether or not this company is a genuine MLM or just a scam. The company operates in the CBD and nutritional supplements MLM niche. Lifocity Review: Genuine MLM or a Scam? 2Lifocity is based out of Texas and was founded by co-founders Doug and Sheila Braun as CEO and Chief Experience Officer, respectively.

Between all of his MLM companies that he founded, Braun held the position from 2011 till July 2018. It is still unknown as to the primary reason why Braun abandoned the job that he once held. Let us take an in-depth look into understanding what Lifocity exactly is:

What are the products offered by Lifocity?

Lifocity productsLifocity’s websites don’t have products section. Instead, the company claims to have brands. Some of the various brands featured on Lifocity’s websites include Durt and Envoi. Durt is a liquid-based supplement containing essential nutrition from the ground that we tread every day.

Envoi products contain phytocannabinoid compounds that are gaining more information than ever. Envoi is primarily related directly to the health and wealthiness niche to obtain a positive impact on your health.

Some of the less popular products produced by Lifocity are:

  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
  • Hemp Softgels with Curcumin
  • Instant Relief

What is the compensation plan of Lifocity?

The compensation plan focuses on retail commissions and pays out with a unilevel team and several bonuses.

What are the affiliate ranks of Lifocity?

Lifocity’s compensation plan contains 11 affiliate ranks and is as follows:

  • Affiliate rank
  • Level 1 Brand Partner
  • Level 2 Brand Partner
  • Level 3 Brand Partner
  • Level 5 Brand Partner
  • Level 6 Brand Partner
  • Level 7 Brand Partner
  • Level 8 Brand Partner
  • Level 9 Brand Partner
  • Level 10 Brand Partner

How do retail commissions work?

Retail commissions paid on sales volume, which is generated by retail customer orders and Lifocity, help pay retail commissions, especially with the unilevel compensation structure. This type of compensation structure helps to place an affiliate, especially at the top of a unilevel team.

The way the retail commission works whenever level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates for their team. They place on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team. When any level 2 members recruit new affiliates, they get put on level 3, which includes a theoretically infinite number of levels.

The retail bonuses get paid out as 40 to 50% of the overall generated retail sales volume. With the help of the retailer bonus, Lifocity affiliates can earn quite a sizeable income for themselves.

What is the 5G champion bonus?

The 5G champion bonus acts as a retail bonus, on sure unilevel team generations. Lifocity has helped define a generation across the unilevel team, with a level 6 brand partner higher than ever. There are also other various bonuses such as:

  • FastStart14
  • FastStart30
  • Enroller Bonus

How does one join Lifocity?

Joining Lifocity is quite simple and straightforward, as the annual membership to join Lifocity is $30 annually. Many affiliates can sign up in these following ways:

  • A brand experience kit – $13
  • A brand builder kit – $589
  • A business builder kit

In Conclusion:

Lifocity’s products may not be the unique products that are available on the market right now. However, the retail commissions and compensations paid out to the affiliates are above all else. Lifocity seems genuine with the products and the methodologies that they have adapted. The companies’ founders have aimed to provide products that can directly improve the lives of the users. The company’s MLM structure seeks to offer sizeable incomes for all the affiliates when they sell their products successfully.

Lifocity’s compensation plan focuses on the retail sector, and a vast majority of retail commissions are incredibly stressed out. Lifocity offers various commissions, such as retail commissions, residual commissions, bonus math, and generations. By significantly referring Lifocity, you can earn through referral commissions. We hope you found this Lifocity review, in understanding and making, am informed decision in investing in this company.

If you believe that you have excellent sales skills along with a good network for you to promote Lifocity’s products effectively, then this is the company for you! We advise proceeding with caution without, especially with your hard-earned money.

Good luck with your future investments. Thanks for reading!

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