MoneyMaking Review: Legitimate Company or a Ponzi Scam?

MoneyMaking Review: Legitimate Company or a Ponzi Scam? 1

MoneyMaking is a registered company that has gained immense popularity and online visibility in the past few years. And its online demand has increased in this MoneyMaking review.

MoneyMaking Review: Legitimate Company or a Ponzi Scam? 2Let us take a detailed look into understanding everything we know about the company called MoneyMaking. This MoneyMaking review will give you a better and clear understanding of the company, such as various products, compensation plans, and much more!

Products offered by the MoneyMaking?

MoneyMaking has no products or services, which can be used primarily in retail-oriented business activities.

How does MoneyMaking’s Compensation Plan Work?

The compensation plan for Money Making involves affiliates to invest in funds carefully, majorly based on the promise of advertised returns.

MoneyMaking’s Daily Plan:

Investing $1 to $99 and receiving a daily 0.8% ROI for an entire month

Investing $100 to $999 and receiving a daily 0.98% ROI for an entire month

Investing $1000 to $9999 and receiving a daily 1.16% ROI for an entire month

Investing $10,000 to $99,999 and receiving a daily 1.34% ROI for an entire month

MoneyMaking’s Weekly Plan:

Investing $100 to $999 and receiving a weekly 8.75% ROI

Investing $1000 to $9999 and receiving a weekly 10% ROI

Investing $50,000 to $500,000 and receiving a monthly 62% ROI


MoneyMaking’s Monthly Plan:


Investing $10,000 to $49,999 and receiving a 52.7% ROI after the month ends.

MoneyMaking’s Three Month Plan:

Investing $100 to $999 and receiving a daily 1.16% ROI for three months

Spending $1000 to $9999 and receiving a daily 1.34% ROI for three months

Spending $10,000 to $49,999 and receiving a daily 1.52% ROI for three months

Spending $50,000 to $500,000 and receiving a daily 1.7% ROI for three months

When the funds are invested, MoneyMaking helps convert the entire amount spent into Moneymaking Coin. It is usually done with a 1:1 ratio, where $1 is equal to 1 MoneyMakingCoin.

All of the returns are usually across MoneyMaking’s investment plans, including commissions and bonuses.

How do MoneyMaking’s referral commissions work?

Moneymaking’s referral commissions are high, as it is done primarily through a unilevel compensation structure. The unilevel compensation structure helps to pay referral commissions.

The unilevel compensation structure usually places all affiliates at the top of the unilevel team. It is essential as all personally recruited members are all placed directly under them.

The entire level one affiliate’s are responsible for recruiting newer members that are usually placed on the 2nd level of the affiliate’s unilevel team.

Level 2 affiliates are capable of recruiting newer members and are placed on level three. It goes on to an infinite degree.

The caps provided by MoneyMaking helps to keep and pay unilevel teams at level four. Referral commissions are used to pay out a particular percentage of invested funds across multiple scales.

Let us look into the various commissions available for referrals, across four primary levels.

  • Distributors are capable of earning 4% on level one, who are the personally recruited affiliates. 2% of all referrals are distributed across four primary levels.
  • Leading distributors are capable of earning 8% on level one and 2% on levels two to four.
  • All the regional representatives are capable of earning 16% on level 1 and 2% for levels two to four.

The best part about MoneyMaking is that they do not provide any rank qualification criteria, before recruiting them.

How exactly does the ROI commission for MoneyMaking correctly work?

MoneyMaking affiliates are capable of receiving a particular commission based on individual returns that are earned by downline members. MoneyMaking ROI commissions are capped at four recruitment levels that are tracked with the help of a unilevel team.

The ROI commissions are as follows:

  • 8% ROI match paid on level one for personally recruited affiliates
  • 4% ROI match is paid out on level two that excludes the investment, that is lesser than $1000
  • 2% ROI match paid on levels three and level four that excludes the investment lower than $10,000

How does one join MoneyMaking?

MoneyMaking is capable of offering affiliate memberships from $1 to $500,000, especially in MMC points.

The final decision of joining MoneyMaking is ultimately upon you, as it is quite similar to the way a Ponzi scheme works. MMC, as a currency, has no worth outside of the MoneyMaking platform.

All MoneyMaking affiliates help you sign up and invest all of their real money, to be converted into MMC points. The Ponzi component of the business is satisfied through an internal withdrawal request, that MoneyMaking is capable of honoring with subsequently invested funds.

Just like any MLM Ponzi scheme, the entire business model revolves around newer recruits and their investments. When MoneyMaking runs out of its revenue, then it will ultimately lead to a collapse.

Final Thoughts:

MoneyMaking claims to generate external revenue primarily through algorithms, blockchain technology, and even artificial intelligence. Our advice is to be wary of your investments and thoroughly researching the company before investing in it.

We hope you found this MoneyMaking review beneficial for you to understand just how the company works.

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