MyMoneyIndustry Review: Five-tier 3×2 matrix cycler

MyMoneyIndustry review

MyMoneyIndustry Review:

MyMoneyIndustry may be a pretty new company that has been registered privately on January 9th, 2020.

The website doesn’t provide any information about the ownership or the management that runs the business.

MyMoneyIndustry review

My Money Industry review

As you already know, if an MLM company isn’t upfront about the ownership or who is running the business, think long and hard about joining and investing your money.

According to it’s website, the town Blackpool and country, Great Britain, are considerably visible. But I think the knowledge is most likely false because the domain was registered through a Malaysian registrar.

The corporate office address is showed to be in Singapore. On further investigation, it has been discovered that the address belongs to a virtual office provider MEA Business Consultancy.


Products Offered

MyMoneyIndustry offers no retailable products or services, with affiliates only ready to market MyMoneyIndustry affiliate membership itself. With no products or services to provide, the individuals who are planning to invest in MyMoneyIndustry should be much more careful as most of the Pyramid or the PONZI schemes also do not have any products or services to offer.


Compensation Plan

In MyMoneyIndustry, affiliates are ready to purchase positions during a five-tier 3×2 matrix.

The 3×2 matrix places an affiliate at the highest of the matrix; the three positions are available directly under them:

(3xx matrix)

The first three positions form the primary tier of the matrix. The second level of the matrix is made by dividing these first three positions into three further positions of the matrix each (9 positions).

Honestly, the official documentation is lacking any real structure or flow. As such, I’ve tried my best to present it to you here with some logical reasoning.

Apologies if it is confusing, but the source material I had to work with was quite poor, to begin with.

The positions within the matrix are filled by only newly recruited and, therefore, the present MyMoneyIndustry members who purchase new positions within the matrix.

One of these nine positions is filled, residual commissions are paid out, and therefore the position at the highest of the matrix moves into subsequent tier.

Commissions across all five MyMoneyIndustry’s tiers are:

  • N1 (positions cost $22) – $40 cycle commission and cycles into N2
  • N2 – $128 cycle commission and cycles into N3
  • N3 – $540 cycle commission and cycles into N4
  • N4 – $2560 cycle commission and cycles into N5
  • N5 – $74,580 cycle commission


Referral Commissions

If MyMoneyIndustry affiliate purchases an edge or moves to a better tier, the affiliate who recruited them is entitled to earn a referral commission.

  • N1 cycler position purchase = $7 referral commission
  • N2 cycle = $32 referral commission
  • N3 cycle = $160 referral commission
  • N4 cycle = $840 referral commission
  • N5 cycle = $4520 referral commission


Advertising Commissions

MyMoneyIndustry allows its affiliates to shop for ad credits. These credits are utilized to display advertising to other MyMoneyIndustry affiliates.

If an affiliate purchases ad credits, the affiliate who recruited them receives a 20% commission.


Joining MyMoneyIndustry

You are eligible to join as a MyMoneyIndustry affiliate for free of charge.

To participate within the attached income opportunity, however, requires a minimum $22 cycler position purchase.

After cycling out of N5, additional cycler position purchases are required to continue earning.



MyMoneyIndustry may be a simple enough cycler; you invest $22 within the hopes of withdrawing over $70,000.

This money is sourced from subsequently position purchases, satisfying the Ponzi element of all cyclers.

Referral commissions add a further pyramid layer to the scheme, as without constant recruitment, MyMoneyIndustry collapses (existing affiliates are only getting to purchase numerous positions).

When a Ponzi scheme collapses, losses are more significant due to funds being inside of an idle matrix.

It’s anonymous admin(s) keep this money. This, combined with preloaded admin positions, guarantees MyMoneyIndustry’s anonymous admin(s) receive the bulk of invested funds.

Aside from a couple of early adopters and heavy recruiters, everyone else loses out.

Finally, let’s leave this decision for you all to decide. It is your business, your money, your time, and your effort, and there will be no one to make the best decision for you.

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