NutriCellix Review: Scam or Legit?


NutriCellix Review

If you are looking for a particular NutriCellix review, then you’ve reached the right place!

There are a few posts that we can see online about this organization and opportunity, so we wanted to take some time out to find how it works and what it got to offer.

We have taken the time to investigate multiple publications and testimonials about this NutriCell opportunity. We will also look at the information about the company, its products, and the compensation plan that the company has here to offer you.



We also took some time to look over all kinds of information to recognize if they offer all variety of requirements for such type of business needs to comply with the law.


What Is Nutricellix?

NutriCellix is an MLM business that provides what the company calls an “all-new direct-to-customer business design that offers a novel, and compelling compensation plan rewards program for people” who become an affiliate member of the organization.

What this claim indicates is that the members can earn money by joining as an affiliate member, then recruit more and more affiliate members, customers, and building a down line to earn commissions or by marketing and retailing the products that the company offers.

The company also claims to pay residual (monthly) income by building a down line of people that are upon a product auto-pilot.

The niche that we would say that NutriCellix Company is in would be the health wellness and supplement trade.

Now when you reach on to their website, there is no information about who runs or owns the company.

No information on the leadership and missing this out is a bit doubtful as owners’ information helps build trust.

Today the date is April 6th, 2020, if they change the details.

Nevertheless, after doing some more research, we found out that Bo Short is the founder & CEO of NutriCellix.

He is an author and celebrated entrepreneur, and Short has spoken around the globe in over 34 countries with more than 1 million business person, teaching business, leadership quality, and success teachings.

Roni Short also know for being the founder & President, who is also known as an author and brings the business with decade’s worth of leadership experience and expertise.


NutriCellix Products

Alright, now we know about the company; let’ take a look at the products next inside of this NutriCellix review.

When it comes to products, they have got to offer a unique once’ that they claim to be an excellent product for weight loss.

They like to call it “The NutriCellix Weight Management Systems.” altogether, they have got five products in their product list as of right now.


NutriCellix Core

Help in proving your body with nutrients throughout the day.

Retail MRP: $129.95

You Save: $109.95


NutriCellix Prime

NutriCellix Prime introduces plant-based proteins, fibre, botanicals and phytonutrients, natural probiotics, prebiotics, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and enzymes.

Retail MRP: $129.95

You Save: $109.95


NutriCellix Prevail

This product is more of a sustaining supplement that has an AM and PM formula as well based on your DNA.

Retail MRP: $129.95

You Save: $109.95


NutriCellix Fit

FIT has collagen to improve the elasticity of your skin, strengthen your nails, and support your hair more radiant.

Retail MRP: $69.95

You Save: $59.95


NutriCellix Surge

According to its website, SURGE covers ATP for power, sustainability, and burning fat.

Retail MRP: $49.95

You Save: $39.95


DNA Analysis Kit

Retail MRP: $100.00


Compensation Plan:

In this section of our review, We are going to share the information that we found information of the compensation plan and how you can make money with this NutriCellix opportunity.

There are two main ways that you can make money with NutriCellix, which are:

  • Retail Sales
  • Referral Commissions

Nutricellix claims to rewards both retail sales to customers and sponsoring new affiliates.

There are 5five methods you can earn money with this company.

  • Retail Sales
  • SmartSave Customer Commissions
  • Team Commissions
  • Leadership Matching Bonus
  • Leadership Bonus Pool
  • plus Trips, Promotions, and Incentives

For those who are not well-known with how the uni-level works, here is a quick breakdown:

  • The first level of uni-level compensation plan will only have your personally recruited member.
  • The second level of uni-level pay plan will only have your team members that your level 1 member personally recruited on it.
  • The third level of your uni-level pay plan will only have your team members that your level 2 members personally recruited on it.

Probably, this explanation assists you in understanding the uni-level compensation plan better for those that were not familiar with how it is structured.

Now we have provided you with all of the information that you need to make an precise decision on whether or not NutriCellix is the right business opportunity for you.

If you were to ask us if we would join, we would have to say no just because, for us, this opportunity doesn’t fascinate enough.

By concluding that, we hope you enjoyed my NutriCellix review.

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