ONPASSIVE Review: A Revolutionary Business Solution Available to Succeed


A Revolutionary Business Solution? – ONPASSIVE Review

There is always someone making choices every second in this world. Some choices show the expected result. Some results… just grow like a bud, but never bloom to a flower. 

Few people are afraid of making decisions to stand out in the crowd, to grow, to leap, to succeed. Few are so strained in this needy and selfish world that they forget – SURVIVING is not LIVING.

If you are a business owner and you are stuck to make a move to promote and market your business, products or services, and you seek the solution to financial freedom both online and offline, then ONPASSIVE is a company that is designed especially to take control of your entire business needs in the auto-pilot mode and let you just enjoy your personal life.


So far we have discussed product-based MLM companies like Avon, Oriflame, Herbalife and Forever Living, but in this article, we will cover aspects, benefits and opportunities offered by an emerging super unicorn company which is a most searched service-based company…. Read here for ONPASSIVE Review.




ONPASSIVE is an emerging business solution to align and automate any business, right from the prospecting to the recruiting and the selling. The company also offers an automated marketing platform integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that identifies needs and takes actions on its own.

The Company is conceptualized and visualized by its founder Ash Mufareh. He is a pioneer in the field of online marketing. He has extensive knowledge and has visions of helping other people to be successful online.

Founded and registered back in July 2018, the company has already made its presence online without even its business solution launched yet. However, everyone has the idea of what ONPASSIVE is trying to achieve.

ONPASSIVE offers superior tools already in demand and used by millions of marketers at a much lower cost. Once you have joined as a member of this company, you will be able to access free tools available for your business needs.

How does ONPASSIVE’s Compensation Plan work? – ONPASSIVE Review

ONPASSIVE offers a 3 X 10 forced matrix with a very different and a unique auto-enrolling feature – Spill-Over. So this structure allows only 3 members at the first level, followed by 9 members in the second, 27 in the third, and it goes on till the tenth level. But if the person at the top-level enrols more than 3 individual, then next enrollees would fall in the open position underneath the level, which allows the person at that level earn out of enrollment done by someone else.

To earn commissions in ONPASSIVE, an active subscription must be maintained for each package that you purchase. There are a total of 4 different packages:

  • AFFILIATE Package: $25 Matrix
  • PRO Package 1: $125 Matrix
  • LEADER Package 1: $250 Matrix
  • MASTER Package 1: $500 Matrix

Level vs Package Monthly Compensation Plan: ONPASSIVE Review



If a member wants to purchase the higher-level packages instead of waiting to be automatically upgraded by the system, the packages must be purchased sequentially.

For example, if an individual wants to purchase the first 3 packages, then the person needs to purchase the $25, the $125, and the $250 package, in sequential order, for a total of $400. This also means that the person has to purchase all 4 packages for a total of $900 if the intent is to go for the highest package that costs $500.

However, as we go down the level from 1 to 10, the Running Monthly Residual is calculated as the cumulative sum of each level and package.

For example, a member with $500 Package at the third level would have a monthly pay-out of $1,701 because members are paid on all 3 Levels of the MASTER Package; the total amount earned is $735.00 per month (60+270+405=735). However, the members are also continuing to earn from the AFFILIATE Package, the PRO Package, and the LEADER Package as well, reflecting a total monthly pay-out of $1,701.00, for the first 3 Levels in each package. So the cumulative sum at the third level for MASTER Package would be:

(6+27+54) + (30+135+189) + (30+225+270) + (60+270+405) = $1,701

A spill-over candidate from another enrolling member ensures commission. On top of that a cumulative residual earning at each level and package. Isn’t it wonderful?

Now, let us look at what are the overall benefits of being part of ONPASSIVE: ONPASSIVE Review

AI Technology will revolutionize generating income - ONPASSIVE Review


  1. Access to Free and Superior Business Tools: Members would be able to access superior and advanced tools for business and marketing needs.
  2. Automation of entire Business operation: Right from recruitment, promotion and selling of products and services, all are monitored and optimized by integrated artificial intelligence, which keeps a track of data and generates reports readily available for real-time access.
  3. Unlimited Residual Income: Each of the members purchasing an automated platform for a monthly subscription fee ranging from $25 to $500 is going to be directly contributing to your income stream.
  4. Free guaranteed traffic to your online and offline business: Automated marketing platform ensures real-time guaranteed visitors and sign-ups by advertising your business and products in the desired market on your behalf.

Why Join an Company such as ONPASSIVE? – ONPASSIVE Review

Unlike any other company, ONPASSIVE offers tools which are designed to automate the entire business process, thus, helping the members to achieve success with minimal or very less effort. Even if you have an offline business, ONPASSIVE recruits promotes, advertises, sells and closes any deals on your behalf, helping you to give priority to your personal life and ambitions. Who doesn’t needs financial freedom in today’s world? A continuous flow of unlimited residual income through ONPASSIVE’s unique compensation plan is another motivational factor to be part of this company.


Currently, very limited positions are available with the pre-launch platform (GoFounders) and that too through invitations only. The Founder’s position is available at a one-time $97 yearly fees only for the first year of the launch.

Post first year, it is estimated to be revised to $997 per year (subject to changes). This joining fee doesn’t include package prices that you would choose to be part of. By default, you will have to join AFFILIATE package that would cost an additional $25.

A member can also choose to be part of any of these packages – AFFILIATE, PRO, LEADER or MASTER as per individual choice. Along with this, if you belong to Non-US countries, you might be charged country based tax on top of the total joining fees.

Any activity by Founders to bring in new Founders is done completely through webinars, speaking engagement, publications (like e-books, slide presentations, etc.), videos, campaigns or emails.

ONPASSIVE – Scam or Legitimate Business? ONPASSIVE Review

Before we conclude by saying ONPASSIVE is a scam or not, we should first ask how to identify an illegal business.

How would you identify if an company is legit or not? ONPASSIVE Review

It’s simple. Just ask – Do they have any tangible products or services for its members to use or sell?

As discussed earlier, many fraud companies adopt Pyramid/Ponzi schemes where the company makes money out of recruiting people down the line. Such companies do not promote any product or service, instead, just asks the next person to bring in more people and the joining fee just gets distributed among the rest.

Another way of identifying if a business legit or not is by understanding their product.

Would the product sell on its values without converting customers into a part of the business group? ONPASSIVE Review

If the answer turns out to be YES, then the business is legit and you can feel confident in joining such a business.

Therefore, now apply the same logic for ONPASSIVE and ask whether it’s legit or not.

What do we know about ONPASSIVE’s product and services? ONPASSIVE offers business automation tools and in return provides commissions for active users of these tools. It not only provides a payout for people enrolled by you, but also for spill-over members who fell under your bucket because of non-availability of position at the upper level.

Doesn’t it sound like a legit business which offers products and services both? Because ONPASSIVE is a 100% legit company and has no hidden objective of pulling out money out of you.

Do we recommend you to Join ONPASSIVE? ONPASSIVE Review

The answer is – YES, we do recommend you to be part of ONPASSIVE.

Its Offers are good, benefits are designed looking at individual needs and you get a self-operating business in hand through plug-n-play marketing automation tool.

On top of that, it has a dedicated Founder’s team, Technical support team, Developers who create and upgrade tools regularly to facilitate members with advanced tools and software required to convert business in auto-pilot mode. Recently they have launched their blog site which is also facilitating the founders to bring in prospects.

And it’s a scam-free, fully legit and compliant and has a global presence in more than 100+ countries.

To conclude, ONPASSIVE is an upcoming market leader offers which no business owner could decline. Hope we have provided complete insights about ONPASSIVE with our ONPASSIVE Review.

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All Comments

  • Avatar Astle Sinclair

    Thank You for such a valuable info.

    Definitely ONPASSIVE is changing the lives of many professionals as it is providing an excellent solution to grow their business online.

    2 years ago | December 23, 2019 7:55 am Reply
  • Avatar JOhn Smith

    I am searching for a good business to earn passive Income. Thank you Ash Mufareh for a wonderful opportunity given to me in My Life. Now I can Spend Sometime with my family & Relax…

    2 years ago | December 23, 2019 8:00 am Reply
  • Avatar Jyri Suominen

    I has wait this kind of opportunity for a long time and now it’s here. Now I have time to collect residual income and support my own family and help others for a financial way too. Ash M. Has make this happen to all of us! Thanks Ash to make this possible.

    2 years ago | December 24, 2019 8:45 am Reply
  • Avatar Ken Russo

    The date is now February 25, 2020

    We have grown to 59000 Founders since this review was posted on November 30, 2019. I have waited 23 years for a project like this. Join us today!

    2 years ago | February 25, 2020 4:12 pm Reply
  • Avatar Brodie Albert

    Enjoyed working with the team, and having a great conversation on helping me generate leads for our sales training and consulting business. I would recommend that anyone who is looking to scale their outreach work with the team at Onpassive.

    2 years ago | March 2, 2020 6:04 pm Reply
  • Avatar Sabrina J. Duran

    Ash is a mastermind. His network marketing business strategies had taken my business to a new height. And his company named Onpassive had provided me with all the business tools I required.

    2 years ago | March 3, 2020 1:10 pm Reply
  • Avatar Khasanbek Vedzizhev

    Excellent product! Keep on developing all the time. Fantastic service. I am very happy by the support provided by Ash & Onpassive in each and every moment of my life.

    2 years ago | March 3, 2020 6:05 pm Reply
  • Avatar Pawar Santosh

    Onpassive has made my job as a digital sales manager so much easier. I really value this as one of the best tools while helping my digital clients. Thank you Onpassive for developing it for us.

    2 years ago | March 5, 2020 4:31 am Reply
  • Avatar Daniel

    I have used and tried many other digital marketing tools before, and find Onpassive’s tool the most hands-off there is. I appreciate Ash Mufareh & Onpassive for developing such great tools for us.

    2 years ago | March 5, 2020 5:30 am Reply
  • Avatar Allen peter

    I was waiting for this kind of opportunity for a long time. Thanks to Ash, I can now financially support my family through the residual income I am earning through my business.

    2 years ago | March 5, 2020 9:33 am Reply
  • Avatar Larry D. Botello

    Loved it!! Onpassive has the best market promotion tools which will help you a lot in generating leads & leading your business to the new heights of success.

    2 years ago | March 5, 2020 10:27 am Reply
  • Avatar Robert

    Even in beta, Onpassive’s marketing tool was the best solution we have found, and it feels like every week or so Ash Mufareh and Onpassive are releasing new features to stay ahead of the curve with marketing’s ever-changing platform.

    2 years ago | March 5, 2020 11:03 am Reply
  • Avatar Berislav Vučković

    I’ve worked with numerous MLM businesses in the past, but never met one with the culture and professionalism shown by Onpassive. Their ideas & concepts are one of kind.

    2 years ago | March 5, 2020 11:42 am Reply
  • Avatar Sara C. Kjeldsen

    I would recommend Onpassive’s AI-driven tool to anyone looking to increase their sales, and free up some time so they can focus on other more important things, such as growing their business.

    2 years ago | March 5, 2020 1:10 pm Reply
  • Avatar Susanne

    ONPASSIVE changed my life. Thanks to Ash Mufareh for bringing the ultimate solution for any business. They are the best in market and fulfil every need of your business.

    2 years ago | March 5, 2020 1:42 pm Reply
  • Avatar Areebah Lama Masih

    Loved the service provided and definitely will go for again as was very useful for my business launch and also it’s been many days since I’ve been using there service and not once disappointed.

    2 years ago | March 5, 2020 2:25 pm Reply
  • Avatar Ghufran Jawahir Toma

    Definitely the first choice in case of MLM. Their concept & ideas are outstanding in establishing a successful business. I am really looking forward to join them.

    2 years ago | March 5, 2020 3:25 pm Reply
  • Avatar Rabiyah Nashida Gerges

    I have joined Onpassive last year and they haven’t disappointed me since then. They provide good offers along with solutions to all of your business problems in real-time.

    2 years ago | March 5, 2020 6:26 pm Reply
  • Avatar Aiden

    I had never imagined that I can be a successful businessman. Thanks to Ash Mufareh & his company Onpassive for making me what I am today.

    2 years ago | March 5, 2020 9:28 pm Reply
  • Avatar Joyce Baker

    I was looking for a simple way to improve my business strategies and Onpassive turned out to be absolutely perfect. It is intuitive and easy to use. I am very pleased and impressed. I would definitely recommend.

    2 years ago | March 6, 2020 7:26 am Reply
  • Avatar Natasha

    Onpassive is a great service. It allowed us to test product market fit very quickly and determines how we effectively communicate with prospects.

    2 years ago | March 6, 2020 8:35 am Reply
  • Avatar Darinka Pietersz

    I love how Onpassive’s AI driven tool is constantly upgrading their offerings. I’m also impressed with how easy it is to use! Thank you Ash for developing such amazing tools for us.

    2 years ago | March 6, 2020 4:08 pm Reply
  • Avatar Anna Kučerová

    The automations are unparalleled in the industry and the entire system is easy to learn and use. Thanks to Ash for developing such ultimate tools for us.

    2 years ago | March 6, 2020 5:07 pm Reply
  • Avatar Jack Cameron

    I have joined ONPASSIVE recently and it is really affecting my business in the right way. They have provided me the exact tools that I need to run my business smoothly.

    2 years ago | March 6, 2020 8:46 pm Reply
  • Avatar Andrew Donald

    Ash Mufareh is a genius. His guidelines on promoting business online are really a life saver. I have never met anyone in my life that has more clear visions about marketing businesses.

    2 years ago | March 6, 2020 10:54 pm Reply
  • Avatar Ava Forth

    Love Onpassive. They make not only the marketing process much easier and completely automated, the spread sheet they provide you with your accepted connection requests allows for some powerful additional automation, like email and retargeting campaigns. Awesome service.

    2 years ago | March 6, 2020 11:13 pm Reply
  • Avatar John S. Earwood

    The support is excellent, although the knowledge and experience provided by Ash can be intimidating at first. You’ll get the chance to consult with him on your campaign performance and learn from the expert. That on itself is a great value. I highly recommend Onpassive!

    2 years ago | March 7, 2020 1:26 am Reply
  • Avatar Ronald Stephens

    Ash Mufareh was very helpful throughout the entire process. We are extremely satisfied with how the final product came out. Thank you Ash & Onpassive!

    2 years ago | March 7, 2020 5:25 am Reply
  • Avatar Paul

    Onpassive’s tool is like a trustworthy machine that gives you results time and again, after setting your expectations once. Thank you Ash for your superb tool and advice given!

    2 years ago | March 7, 2020 6:49 am Reply
  • Avatar Lisa Schultz

    Great people and great service. I’ve been using Onpassive’s AI-driven marketing tools for many years and it only gets better. Don’t wait, contact them now.

    2 years ago | March 7, 2020 11:40 am Reply
  • Avatar Richard

    A great service. Saved me a lot of money and time. I highly recommend Onpassive’s digital marketing tools to any other business professionals out there.

    2 years ago | March 7, 2020 9:35 pm Reply
  • Avatar Sophie

    I want to give Onpassive a 6 stars rating! I give it the extra star because this software gave me back at least 8 hours a week that I can use to work on or my business or take off if I wish, let alone reduced stress, frustration and more money in my pockets. I highly recommend Onpassive to every business large or small and you will not regret it!

    2 years ago | March 8, 2020 11:23 am Reply
  • Avatar Lorenzo

    Thank you ONPASSIVE!!! Only because of them I have managed to run my business successfully with a constant growth rate. I have even acquired more customers using their AI-driven tools.

    2 years ago | March 9, 2020 12:00 pm Reply
  • Avatar Adriel

    Before Onpassive, selecting a MLM was like throwing darts blind folded. Those who report on Onpassive have helped me make informed, logical, educated decisions. I am truly grateful.

    2 years ago | March 9, 2020 12:05 pm Reply
  • Avatar Nikki

    They are very responsive when you need help, they really listen to feedback, they have regular updates and great templates, and their how-to videos and articles are extremely helpful. I recommend using Onpassive’s AI driven marketing tools 100%!

    2 years ago | March 10, 2020 1:47 pm Reply
  • Avatar Lily

    Ash Mufareh, the Pro in the field of online marketing, had extensive knowledge & visions in digital promotions. He had helped me and my friend in making our business a successful one digitally.

    2 years ago | March 10, 2020 3:39 pm Reply
  • Avatar Harley

    The ONPASSIVE team really cares about your business and getting in front of the right people. If you are in business, you need ONPASSIVE.

    2 years ago | March 11, 2020 1:20 pm Reply
  • Avatar Giovanni

    I’ve been impressed by the level of detail they deliver with their expectations and recommendations. Ash & ONPASSIVE really deserve to be the best in the market.

    2 years ago | March 12, 2020 5:01 am Reply
  • Avatar Antonio

    Simply amazing! I am a 7-figure seller and this tool has been helping me optimize my digital marketing, increasing revenues and reducing any backlogs. I appreciate Onpassive for developing such an amazing tool.

    2 years ago | March 12, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • Avatar Cindy

    This is the best digital marketing tool I’ve tried so far. They go deep in every aspect of network marketing and they managed to create a fully automated system. Thank You Ash & Onpassive.

    2 years ago | March 12, 2020 5:07 am Reply
  • Avatar Umberto

    A tool that gives you actionable information quickly and in an easily accessible format. Worth its weight in GOLD. Just like Onpassive’s tool. I have now used this for all my products and found some real GEMS. Thanks Onpassive!!

    2 years ago | March 12, 2020 6:02 am Reply
  • Avatar Miller

    Just Great!! I not only earned through enrolling people into it, they also pay out to peoples who fell into your bucket because of non-availability of position at upper level.

    2 years ago | March 12, 2020 6:18 am Reply
  • Avatar Kelvin

    Onpassive was for me the missing link in getting to critical mass on actually reaching enough of the right people with the right message to fill the top of my funnel.

    2 years ago | March 12, 2020 6:20 am Reply
  • Avatar Sergio

    Onpassive’s AI driven tool is the best digital marketing tool I’ve used and I’ve used them all. I love that the tool is communicating multiple times a day and making adjustments as needed based on your defined criteria. I’ll definitely recommend the tool to any business or agency.

    2 years ago | March 12, 2020 8:01 am Reply
  • Avatar Romano

    I didn’t even need to waste any time to optimize on my business anymore as Onpassive’s AI driven tool is doing its work at the backend. As a business owner, I’d prefer to use more of my time for more product launch. Truly blessed to have such sophisticated tools now compare to 2020.

    2 years ago | March 12, 2020 12:55 pm Reply
  • Avatar Mitchel

    I’ve updated my comment to reflect that although my first email was not received. I consequently received really excellent customer service from Onpassive. Thanks so much.

    2 years ago | March 12, 2020 12:58 pm Reply
  • Avatar Jordy

    This tool saves me a few hours a week of optimization. The layout is perfect: easy to understand and to see all the stats. The support from Ash Mufareh is also top notch. You can’t ask for more.

    2 years ago | March 12, 2020 12:59 pm Reply
  • Avatar Martin

    This AI driven digital marketing tool is the best I have used and the support is absolutely amazing and personal. You will not find a better solution for your business.

    2 years ago | March 12, 2020 1:00 pm Reply
  • Avatar Elizabeth

    Ash Mufareh is a marketing wizard in today’s world. My Marketing Pro provides an excellent executive level type of customer service. I am really impressed.

    2 years ago | March 13, 2020 6:38 am Reply
  • Avatar samuele

    Excellent way at ensuring you are consistently connecting with your ideal audience and helping you to build meaningful relationships. Ash is the real genius behind Onpassive’s ultimate AI-driven marketing tools.

    2 years ago | March 13, 2020 12:47 pm Reply
  • Avatar jonathan

    I would say that if you are willing to put the effort in to partner with Onpassive, and follow through on their recommendations for how to do things, you will be very successful.

    2 years ago | March 13, 2020 12:52 pm Reply
  • Avatar Rhiannon

    ONPASSIVE’s AI-driven business tools are best in the class. They provide a complete solution for any issues I face in my business. I will always be with OPNPASSIVE.

    2 years ago | March 13, 2020 12:56 pm Reply
  • Avatar Cataldo Gallo

    Onpassive’s AI driven tool is a great suite. It saves me a lot of time and money. It stops all the not-performing techniques and improves the visibility of the good ones. I am very happy with it, i will never quit it!

    2 years ago | March 13, 2020 2:04 pm Reply
  • Avatar Branka Anić

    This is the tool that everyone can handle, very easy to operate, just play with the tool and you know how to do it. I recommend it to anyone who wants to build a successful business in a playful way.

    2 years ago | March 13, 2020 3:07 pm Reply
  • Avatar Elizabeth

    Great platform for automating a task that generally takes a large amount of time. It allows you to focus on other important tasks. Very responsive customer success team.

    2 years ago | March 13, 2020 7:54 pm Reply
  • Avatar Emanuele

    Ash Mufareh helped me understand my business better. I really appreciate your company as it is hard to find someone who is willing to speak laymen language to novices.

    2 years ago | March 14, 2020 1:49 am Reply
  • Avatar Salvatore

    Onpassive is the best and Ash Mufareh is great at keeping in touch and responding quickly if I have any questions! Thank you Ash!

    2 years ago | March 14, 2020 8:46 am Reply
  • Avatar Beranger

    Onpassive’s marketing tool is awesome. Ash Mufareh have created something truly amazing. This is by far one of the best investments I have made in my business. Thanks guys!

    2 years ago | March 14, 2020 3:51 pm Reply
  • Avatar Stephanie

    Selecting Onpassive’s AI driven tools for business and other has been to great advantage for me. I strongly recommend it. First because it is a fantastic tool. Then it is the great support and last, but not least, the constant development.

    2 years ago | March 14, 2020 6:52 pm Reply
  • Avatar Mark Waugh

    Great product. Ease of use. Great value for the price. Customer service is fast, courteous and helpful. I really enjoyed using the tool. Thank you Ash Mufareh & his team of Onpassive.

    2 years ago | March 15, 2020 6:37 am Reply
  • Avatar Douwe

    I am enjoying my life today only because of Ash Mufareh’s business schemes. They helped in generating more residual income due to which I have recovered out of my financial crisis.

    2 years ago | March 16, 2020 2:56 pm Reply
  • Avatar Arsenii

    I have joined Onpassive last year & since than they had provided me with superior and advanced tools for all of my business and marketing needs. It really helped me in uplifting my business in no time.

    2 years ago | March 16, 2020 7:53 pm Reply
  • Avatar Leonardo Azevedo Alves

    Joining ONPASSIVE was one of the best moves I’ve ever made. I feel like I’ve finally got a handle on this whole entrepreneurship thing. Thank you, ONPASSIVE, for helping me to feel more competent in my business.

    2 years ago | March 17, 2020 12:23 pm Reply
  • Avatar Leon Unger

    Ash Mufareh and Onpassive offer an essential service when managing a business. Along with several helpful automation processes, the Onpassive community and support from Ash personally is a real life saver. Highly recommended for all sizes of businesses. Thanks for this awesome tool!

    2 years ago | March 17, 2020 12:25 pm Reply
  • Avatar Tomas Arvidsson

    I am really thankful to Ash Mufareh & his company ONPASSIVE for providing me the best tool in market. Their advanced tools for business had provided me the right push in online market.

    2 years ago | March 18, 2020 12:56 pm Reply
  • Avatar Faith Ozerova

    Onpassive spared me the pain of having to learn digital marketing program when I was starting my business. Onpassive’s digital marketing tool is what I used. In one night, I understood how to use this online service.

    2 years ago | March 18, 2020 1:33 pm Reply
  • Avatar Caitlyn Lade

    You need to have a decent understanding of the process to truly make the most of Onpassive’s incredible features – but the training is all right there and Ash is always available to answer people’s questions.

    2 years ago | March 18, 2020 10:00 pm Reply
  • Avatar Miroslav Kadečka

    Onpassive’s digital marketing tool is amazing. I use it with all my clients, and I strongly and energetically recommend it to all my friends.

    2 years ago | March 19, 2020 1:01 pm Reply
  • Avatar Nancy Brown

    ONPASSIVE provides a complete AI driven solution for every aspect your business. It is the best platform in present market which can promote your brand in every corner of the world.

    2 years ago | March 20, 2020 1:09 pm Reply
  • Avatar Kathleen Peters

    These guys really go the extra mile to make their tools better. They have dramatically affected the way we deliver creatively. I recommend Onpassive’s AI driven digital marketing tools to everyone.

    2 years ago | March 20, 2020 10:08 pm Reply


    2 years ago | March 22, 2020 10:07 pm Reply
  • Avatar Charles Ryan

    When it comes to MLM, I trust only Ash Mufareh. He is presently the best pro in this digital marketing world. If you are new to MLM, Ash is the first person you should contact.

    2 years ago | March 25, 2020 11:20 am Reply
  • Avatar Brandon Jacobs

    If you have Onpassive’s tool and you aren’t using the monthly call, I suggest trying it out. You never know what knowledge you’ll be blessed with!

    2 years ago | March 25, 2020 11:22 am Reply
  • Avatar Florismart Lampron

    The team really understand the digital market and they help you understand how the digital marketing works so you can implement the right strategy to make the most out of your business. They really have thought of everything and are continually improving.

    2 years ago | March 31, 2020 11:31 am Reply
  • Avatar Honoré Langelier

    As a start-up, you need to find a marketing partner who can help you connect to the right people. Onpassive played that role during our first days. They advertise that they can help increase your sales by up to 78% — they exceeded our expectations.

    2 years ago | March 31, 2020 12:30 pm Reply

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