PetClub 247 Review: Is It Worth Investing In?

petclub 247 review

PetClub 247 Review:

Hi there! This is a complete review, and it will help you in understanding whether this company may be suitable for you for your future investment. The more we look into Petclub 247, the better we will have an understanding of what the history of the company is and how its business model works.

petclub 247 review

petclub 247 review

The first and foremost thing that is immediately eye-catching is that it is created for the pet niche. This is an excellent opportunity to reach out to passionate people who all deeply adore their pets. This has helped to increase the popularity of this business among pet owners across the world.

Many different organizations have utilized a similar business opportunity or even pet products, which can include CBD supplements. However, not to worry, as we will be taking an in-depth look into different aspects of this company, which many people do not know.


What exactly is PetClub 247?

Pet club 247 is a business unlike any other and specializes as a front runner in the pet supplies MLM niche. From their website, we know that they have two physical addresses, which are both located in California.

Steve Youngblood is the proud and eccentric president and founder of this brainchild of an organization. Looking a bit deeper into the history of Mr. Youngblood, he had another company called NicMaxxx going on, which also shares the same address.

It’s a bit strange that Nicmaxxx, which was an e-cigarette MLM company and shared the same address as PetClub 247. This has to lead to red flags been raised primarily by newer visitors and potential customers.


What are the various products offered by PetClub 247?

The company PetClub 247 has a wide variety of different products, which includes pet supplies and CBD oil stuff. All of these products are given to the members so that they can sell them with their margins, to earn a profit for themselves.

The products are primarily catered towards nutritional supplements for dogs, cats, horses, including food, supplements, and treats as well. The balms and CBD oil are marketed and promoted as “Inforce” that focuses on immune function as well.

The major categories of products listed on their websites are:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Horses
  • Alpha Dog Super Packs
  • PetClub 247 Apparel
  • Pet Parent (Human) Products
  • Pet Chews/Toys
  • Holistic Products


How does the compensation plan work?

The PetClub 247 compensation plan is directly related to the level of rank that you achieve in the company. Here is a simple breakdown on what exactly is required of a person, to qualify themselves as part of the compensation plan:

  • Being an independent business owner can help you to get started as a PetClub 247 affiliate and continue to pay their monthly fees.
  • Becoming a qualified independent business owner and referring two retail customers, who spend $49 a month.
  • Regional Manager – Maintaining two unilevel team legs with a QIBO in each.
  • Regional Director
  • Regional Vice President
  • National Vice President


What is the cost to join PetClub 247?

The cost to join PetClub 247 is just $9.99 per month, which is the minimum amount that you need to join the affiliate program. Once you have entered the affiliate program, the next step is to buy an Alpha pack.

Even though Petclub 247 claims that the Alpha pack is entirely optional, there are not enough products with the basic affiliate program. The number of products that you get with the Alpha pack is quite a lot, and the different alpha packs are mentioned below:

  • Alpha Intro Pack – $199.99
  • Alpha Boost Pack – $399.99
  • Alpha Turbo Pack – $999.99


Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, PetClub 247 may not be the dream investment that you are thinking of it to be. It exists in an extremely competitive niche, but there is nothing unique or particularly eye-catching about this organization.

The products always seem to be of a higher quality, which is a great thing! One more thing is that the company needs to work on its retail sales and the commissions are also tiny in comparison to others.

So, in conclusion, PetClub 247 is not a great investment plan for you. It is essentially a chain reaction on people, just recruiting more affiliates that could land it to the pyramid scheme territory.

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