Pink Zebra – Is it finally worth the Trouble?

Pink Zebra Review

Hi Everyone! Welcome to our review of Pink Zebra.

Pink Zebra is gaining a lot of attention on the web lately. If you were ever approached by a Pink Zebra associate and having doubts about the business opportunity, we got you covered with all the facts to help you make a proper decision.

Pink Zebra Review

The company was launched in 1999 by Tom and Kelly Gaines as an enterprise that sold home candles. During its initial stages, Pink Zebra slowly grew to become the USA’s 3rd largest candle manufacturer.

What is Pink Zebra?

Pink Zebra - Is it finally worth the Trouble? 1Pink Zebra is an MLM company that manufactures and sells home decor essentials like candles, lights, and fragrance products. Tom and Keely, who started this company, are the brains behind Pink Zebra.

According to the owners of this company, their most significant strength is the in-depth understanding of their audience. The main objective of the company is to change people’s lives for the better. The company’s approach is practical and service-oriented, offering the opportunity for associates to interact with customers and tell them about the products.

Pink Zebra Review: Products offered by the company

Pink Zebra - Is it finally worth the Trouble? 2Pink Zebra has its signature line of products called Sprinkle. These products are wax scented beads made of soft soy wax with distinct fragrance, blends, and dyes.


There are over 57 Sprinkle fragrances in 3.75 oz, and that costs $9 each. Also, the customers can choose from a variety of these Sprinkles. Along with the Sprinkle, the company sells a line of other products like Women’s jewelry, bath products; hangers for air fresheners, wax simmer pots, and more. Its perfumes are eco-friendly and use naturals and prevent the post effects of the use of the product.

Here are some of the other company’s main products:

  • Sprinkles
  • Lotions
  • Soaks
  • Soaps
  • Candleholders
  • Simmer pots and lights

Each product from Pink Zebra is affordable, and they range from $5 – $50.

Pink Zebra Review: Compensation plan

All the MLM companies we’ve come across have complicated compensation plans, and Pink Zebra’s compensation is no exception. The company’s plan pays commissions on generated sales volume. There are also additional performance-based bonuses.

When it comes to retail commission, the company advertises that an associate can earn between 25% and 35%. These rates are much better than any other company offering similar business models. On the recruitment side, consultants can receive up to 7% when they bring in new members and an additional 2% for the sales generated in their entire down the line.

What are the Different Plans and Ranks in Pink Zebra?

  • Starter Kit – A starter kit costs $129
  • Deluxe kit – A deluxe is prices at &199

Affiliate ranks 

There are different affiliate ranks one can reach in this MLM Company, and you go from one level to another by achieving specific goals. You are entitled to the bonuses for going from one rank to another.

There are seven ranks, namely:

  1. Consultant
  2. Executive Consultant
  3. Manager
  4. Executive Manager
  5. Director
  6. Executive Director
  7. Presidential Director

To be a consultant, you need to push your sales volume to $400 or more per month and personally bring in at least one active member.

To reach the Executive Consultant rank, you have to generate a sales volume of $400 per month and personally bring at least three active members.

The theme here is similar for the rest of the ranks, and complete executive manager training, sponsor as many people as you can in each rank to make the best out of the business opportunity. The plan compensates each member of their sales and recruiting efforts mainly in 6 different ways.

  1. Minimum Base Commissions – As said earlier, you can earn up to 25% of commissions from all the retail product sales that you and your down the line has generated.

For instance, if someone purchases either personally or through your website a $100 worth of Sprinkle products, you earn $25

  1. Attractive Personal Commissions 

Earn 5% – 10% enhanced commissions from the retail sales you generate when it is higher than the specific sales volume per month.

For instance, according to every Pink Zebra Review, the percentages of commissions increase when you boost sales per month. If you are making deals worth $100 – $899 per month, you get 25 % commission. Similarly, if the sales volume is around $900 – $1999 per month, you get 30% of the commissions.

  1. Sponsoring Bonus

The company pays consultants a 7% commission of the total sales volume of their downline each month. If your personally invited consultant generates sales of $100 in a month, you will earn $7 for that month.

  1. Team Level Bonus

This plan’s team level bonus is calculated as 3% of the total sales volume of members up to 4 levels below you and earned every month. The team level bonus is usually calculated in a Uni-level structure, and every member you have personally introduced is placed right below you.

If the sales volume of the members on the 3rd level of your downline is $10,000 in any month, you will earn $300.

  1. Mentoring Bonus

When you are in the Executive Manager level or higher, you are entitled to earn mentoring bonuses, which are calculated as 2% of sales generated by all downline team consultants in the Executive Manager rank and higher. The percentage of mentoring bonus increases to 3%.

  1. Sales Bonus

You will receive a 3% generation bonus when you achieve director rank, and an executive manager in your downline ranks up to director as well. Generation bonus is gained in unlimited depth in each generation until another higher rank found in the downline.

Pros & Cons of Pink Zebra:


  • Training is available to everyone
  • Trusted website
  • Registered company
  • Sells unique products


  • No so Promising Compensation Plan
  • Earning depends on the sales made by the downline members
  • MLM Business Model
  • Low-income opportunity

Is Pink Zebra worth your time and resources?

If you like to build an income by selling home decor and candle products, this company might be a solid choice. To be honest, we are not fond of this company’s compensation plan and business model.

As mentioned in the Pros & Cons section of this Pink Zebra Review, the success rate depends on the downline, and it is too low. Plus, to make good money with MLM business model, you’ll have to turn yourself into a compelling salesperson. There’s no harm in trying out Pink Zebra, but your time and efforts can earn you much more cash when invested elsewhere.

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