Pure Trim Review : Scam or Legit?

Pure Trim Review

Welcome to my well-researched Pure Trim review. It is typical to fall into those Pure Trim reviews with less material for you to make an informed decision. So, possibly you are doing your part of the job because someone has approached you with the Pure Trim business opportunity.

Pure Trim Review –The Company

Pure Trim

There is no about section over the Pure Trim website; nevertheless, there is no information disclosed about who owns the company or the runs this entire business opportunity.

Pure Trim is a network marketing company that offers a complete product line and monetary compensation on sales for associates.

This website I found includes a diagram of their income model, including a “generational bonus,” which would make their claim of not being MLM a lie.

In theory, direct sales can be different from MLM, but a lot of MLMs like to claim to be “direct selling” to sound more legitimate.

Most of the promotion activity happens through the social media pages they have, and all the documentation of the business tells that it is Awareness Corporation.

In May 2014, the name of this corporation changed from AwarenessLife Worldwide to Pure Trim, and further investigation revealed the name of the owner, which is Mark Tahiliani.

Mark Tahiliani lived to called with his pseudo name Dr. Marc within the corporation. Tahiliani’s record must have forced him to change his name to Dr. Marc because his company BigSmart was sued in the by FTC in 2001, and he settled the FTC’s fraud allegations the same year.

PureTrim’s Products:

Pure Trim

Pure Trim markets nutritional and dietary health products, which is just their claim of how healthy they are no one knows. They also claim one of the company’s masterpiece products that are called Daily Complete!, which contains 243 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. As per them, Daily Complete is a food supplement that increases energy and decreases stress. Apart from this, the company also trades shakes, skin creams, cleanse, and many weight loss products.

PureTrim’s Compensation Plan

There are seven affiliate ranks within PureTrim’s compensation plan.

Below mentioned are the qualification criteria:

  • For Executive Promoter – sign up as a PureTrim affiliate.
  • For Direct Promoter – purchase $400 of PureTrim product in a single month.
  • For 1-Star Promoter – recruit two Executive Promoters.
  • For 2-Star Promoter – recruit and support two 1-Star Promoters across the first two levels of any two unilevel team legs (one in each side)
  • For 3-Star Promoter – recruit and support three 2-Star Promoters across the first two levels of any three unilevel team legs (one in each side)
  • For 4-Star Promoter – recruit and support four 3-Star Promoters across the first two levels of any four unilevel team legs (one in each side)
  • For 5-Star Promoter – recruit and support five 4-Star Promoters across the first two levels of any five unilevel team legs (one in each side)
  • For President’s Club – recruit and support five 5-Star Promoters across the first two levels of any five unilevel team legs (one in each side)

This business model is a pyramid business model, and Joining this business model will minimum cost you $29 annually by purchasing PureTrim affiliate membership. To become the part of residual income member is supposed to be purchase $400 worth product in a month, and to continue the flow of income affiliate member must continue to spend $199 to 399 every month.


Though the company is a product based company, there is no proper documentation seen online about product testing as they are consumable and beauty products.

A business whose owner has a black mark on his past and then trying to hide his identity made it very clear to me that this company is sure “a big no.” I will not recommend such companies whose owner has a dicey past.

They claim not to be a pyramid scheme. Still, while going through their compensation plan, it got very much clear that this company runs on the pyramid scheme where they are taking regular money from its affiliate’s members by selling dreams.

I even went further to check FDA approval, and the benefits of their product through the product have some advantages, but the last physician desk reference got published in 2017.

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