Root review: Remedies with no retail product


Root review:

Root is an MLM company that offers a range of supplemental products such as ‘Clean Slate,’ ‘Zero In,’ which are marketed as remedies to the customers. Nevertheless, Root is a company that markets and sells its products via MLM format. Which means, a customer can’t simply visit the website and buy their products.

rootIf somebody is interested in trying the products, one has to buy them from the affiliates of Root. Being an MLM company, the organization offers a compensation plan to its members. The compensation plan is mostly relied upon affiliates buying the Root products. And, commissions are paid as and when they recruit new members to their team.


Root’s hierarchical compensation plan

Like any other MLM organization, Root too has hierarchies built for disbursing compensation to their affiliates. Read on to learn how the hierarchy is creating for being qualified for commissions. The compensation structure has about 40 ranks, and depending upon each rank, the percentage of the commissions varies.

Before we begin to explain the compensation plan and structure, it is essential to understand to terms Personal Volume (PV) and Group Volume (GV).

PV is the sales volume generated by an affiliate’s purchase of Root products. Whereas, GV is the sum total PV generated by an affiliate (capped at 500 PV) and their downline. With this out, we can continue to learn the plan.

  1. Affiliate – a new member who signs up as a Root affiliate and recruits two affiliates
  2. Qualified affiliate – an affiliate who ensure 55% of their PV is generated from via non-MLM commission qualified affiliates
  3. Super affiliate – retain MLM qualification as above and generates 300 GV per month
  4. Super affiliate I – MLM qualification and generates 500 GV per month
  5. Super affiliate II – MLM qualification and generates 700 GV per month
  6. Super affiliate III – MLM qualification and generates 900 GV per month
  7. Super affiliate IV – MLM qualification and generates 1200 GV per month
  8. Super affiliate V – MLM qualification and generates 1600 GV per month
  9. Super affiliate VI – MLM qualification and generates 2000 GV per month

And similarly, the hierarchy continues until the 40th rank. The final rank is known as:

Elite Super affiliate V – MLM qualification and 1, 750, 000 GV a month


Residual commissions

Root follows a uni-level compensation structure and pays residual commissions up to two levels of recruitment. The residual commission is generated from the purchases made by the new recruits into the uni-level team. The commission is kicked up to two levels; all affiliates receive 15% on level 1, whereas only qualified affiliates and higher receive 15% on level 1 and 10% on level 2, respectively.


No organization info

Root doesn’t provide any info related to its history or the founder on its website. This is quite irregular and only leads to suspicions. However, our internal team found out through one of the affiliates that Clayton R Thomas is the CEO of Root. When we looked him up on the online platforms like LinkedIn, Thomas has claimed to be the chairman of the Root’s board since 2019. But in all the marketing videos, Thomas discloses to be the founder of Root.

The only question that pops into our minds is why doesn’t he reveal his real role in the organization publicly and clear the suspicions once for all. What’s interesting is in addition to Root, Thomas is also the President of Personalize Healthcare Solution, LLC, Unisource Health Inc., and DC2. As per our research, our understanding is that Root is Thomas’s first MLM enterprise as the founder. Without the appropriate history and background of MLM, it may prove to be difficult for the founders to do justice to the affiliates.


Product claims are hollow

Apart from the background, the products that are offered through the MLM company are also not what they claim to be. The products are marketed as supplements that provide ‘remedies’ to problems. However, there is no scientific backing by a reputed organization to their ‘remedy’ claims.



Considering all the history and the product claims, we can conclude that Root’s products are not as valuable as they market. It is the MLM machinery in its back end that has kept the company going on. It means the customers are lured in with the promises and hopes of getting rich than offering value-based products.

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