Viv Review 2.0: Pro Membership Recruitment Scheme


Viv Review 2.0:

Hello there! In this review, we will be looking into an in-depth review of the business called Viv Review 2.0  and we will be looking into the company called Viv Review 2.0. We will be covering everything there is to know about this business.

The company Viv has been really shady in the past and it still does not have any links for the compensation plan on their website. This compensation plan is not public information, as indicated on the website. The PDF containing all the information is available on Google however it is not complete yet.

However, we have been following this company long enough to realize that there have been changes in the compensation plan. So let us take a much closer look into exactly understanding the fundamentals of the company.


So who exactly is Viv Review 2.0?

 The company Viv is based out of Connecticut, which is headed by the CEO and founder Cami Boehme. They claim themselves to be a utility and subscription-based service company. Its core foundational roots are however more inclined towards the MLM niche.

There has not been much of a drastic change in the products offered by this company since its original conception. The company is also responsible for selling utilities and even a variety of different third-party subscriptions. The utility services offered are divided into home and business utilities.

The home service aspect of the business deals with auto-pilot savings where customers easily upload their bills to the Viv platform, then the merchant provider takes it from the customer and haggles it. This is a great way of how customers can save you more money.

Viv is an excellent platform that has Utiliz for managing automated service provider switching. This business offers so much more such as bill auditing and much ever. There is no exclusive pricing given and Viv’s website instead is catered towards potential customers by requesting a consultation.


How much do the memberships cost?

 The Viv’s third-party subscriptions have appeared the same as they were in the year 2018. The pro-membership costs $139.98 and then costs $69.99 a month. The pro membership offered by Viv gives exclusive access such as:

  • Medicall- Accessing a virtual doctor 24/7 for the price of $29.99 a month separately.
  • Techrescue- Offering 24/7 access for the low price of $19.99 a month.
  • GetAway- Providing exclusive travel membership for $29.99 a month separately.
  • Outreach- Offering marketing automation and successful gamification for $29.99 a month separately.

The compensation plan offered by the company Viv and it references additional services too. It is still pretty unclear if these services are still offered or not.


How does the compensation plan work?

 Viv’s compensation plan is based on direct commissions and a uni-level team for residuals. Rank-based Weekly Base Pay is also provided, along with a Generation Bonus to flesh out the uni-level team. Note that Viv affiliates must have a Pro Membership to earn the Mentor Bonus and Weekly Base Pay.

Personal Customer Points

Personal Customer Points (CPCs) are points allocated to the sale of utilities to Viv customers. Viv’s compensation documentation doesn’t specify whether individual subscription services and Pro Memberships generate CPCs.

Given these are also products however, it is assumed they do. CPCs are required for Premium Service Subscription commissions and residual commissions. Network Points (group CPC) is used to track Weekly Base Pay qualification.


Pro Membership Sales

affiliates receive $25 per Pro Membership sale to a retail customer or recruited affiliate. A Mentor Bonus provides a residual commission on Pro Membership sales.

It’s compensation documentation states the Mentor Bonus pays “$5 to three qualified levels”. Whether these are basic uni-level team levels or generations is unclear.


Final Thoughts:

 Since its launch, its utilities service has helped to take a backseat compared to the pro-membership recruitment. It is important to know that an MLM opportunity can be dictated solely on sales performance and the majority of sales are made from retail customers. The overall income potential for a its affiliate is completely low and it is completely possible that people who invest in this company may never get their money back.

Thus, in conclusion Viv is not a company that we would consider investing in. We hope this review has been informative to you in making better decisions. Thanks for reading! Please do follow us on LinkedIn to know get updated with our latest articles and in below section share your thoughts or comments.

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