What is the Crowd1 Investment Warning Issued by the Central African Government?

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You might have seen the news involving Crowd-1 as there has been a warning issued all across Central Africa. The African government has issued a Crowd 1 investment warning across Africa to warn potential investors to stay away. A vast majority of South Africa investors are upset with the low pay-outs that the company has been giving out.

 The situation has dismayed the whole Central African Financial Market Supervisory Commission (COSUMAF) is the main regulating body behind sending out these warnings. COSUMAF’s governing authority spans through Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon, Chad, and Equatorial Guinea. 


What is the Crowd1 Investment Warning Issued by the Central African Government? 1Even though it may seem convoluted, it majorly constitutes a securities fraud warning. The company already seems suspicious with a scheme that is too good to be true. However, greed consumes people into making unwise decisions. Crowd1 has duped a vast majority of African residents out of their money, and the total number of people affected is still unknown.

Deep Dig on Crowd 1: 

Did you know that Crowd1 has not registered to offer securities anywhere across the world? Investors in South Africa realized that they’d been caught in a Ponzi scheme, on June 15th when Crowd1 started paying out their customers with incredibly small investments. The leaders of the company are recommending their existing customers to recruit more, which has infuriated consumers. 

 It primarily worked on the concept that investors invested in “C1Rewards” positions at €2 a pop. Crowd1’s model quickly spread across South Africa, particularly in a testament to incompetent regulation. 

 The South African authorities have been left powerless despite potentially losing out on hundreds of millions of dollars, especially with losses looming over their head. Financial regulators have taken a more in-depth look into more about Crowd 1 as a company, already banned in countries like the Philippines and Namibia! 

Final Thoughts:

Crowd1 advocates are still in denial and keep protecting the company despite all of the evidence of the company’s wrongdoings. It has been slowly called out and criticized all across social media, due to the massive multitude of customers expressing their dissatisfaction. 

 The vast majority of users who are eager to encourage, motivate, and push innocent customers into the business, are solely up to no good. All of the users also want new users to sign up with their very own unique referral code, to earn profit and also keep the money coming in!

 We hope you found this Crowd1 investment warning review, informative in understanding the level of unethical practices that Crowd1 follows to earn profits. Our sincere request to you is to avoid investing in such businesses that follow such unethical practices. 

 Crowd1 only has one primary purpose, to trap all of its investors in a never-ending cycle of debt. The only way to do this is to recruit more and more people under you. Following the traditional pattern as a Ponzi scheme, Crowd1 works on a typical pyramid scheme profiting only those at the top.

 We wish you the best of luck for all of your future investments. Thanks for reading!


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